I’m excited to continue my fight – Amaroso


Debbie Amaroso to be nominated Saturday as Ontario Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie City’s first female mayor ready to “fight for the Soo and for you”

The first female mayor of Sault Ste. Marie, Debbie Amaroso, will be formally nominated as the Ontario Liberal Party candidate in the upcoming by-election at a meeting on Saturday, April 29th at 2pm at the Water Tower Inn.

“I’m excited to continue my fight on behalf of Sault Ste. Marie,” said Amaroso, who also served as a city councillor, and is a dedicated community volunteer and local small business owner. “We need to make the most of the next year or so before the election, and I’m ready to go down to Toronto and fight for the Soo and for you—to create jobs, support our schools, college and university, and ensure reliable public services like healthcare.”

Premier Kathleen Wynne congratulated Debbie Amaroso on her acclamation as the Ontario Liberal candidate, saying, “‘Mayor Debbie’ has an admirable record of fighting for people in Sault Ste. Marie. As the first female mayor, she knows what it takes to deliver positive change for the Soo.

“With the representation provided by former Liberal MPP David Orazietti our government has a strong record of supporting the Soo. We’ve invested in schools, the hospital, Sault College and Algoma University, and provided targeted support for businesses to grow and for roads and bridges to be repaired and rebuilt. Having an experienced community builder and proven advocate like Debbie on our team at Queen’s Park will help us continue to build Sault Ste. Marie up. She’s the best prepared candidate to hit the ground running and make sure Sault Ste. Marie’s voice in government makes a real difference in her hometown.”

Amaroso added, “We’re going to run a great campaign that’s focused on my vision for our City. I want to share exciting ideas for how I can work at Queen’s Park for our City, to deliver jobs and strong public services. I’ll tell it straight and honestly. I’ll stay focused on sharing my vision for the Soo, as I always have.”


  1. She must have been promised a plum position by the Liberal party in order to agree to be the sacrificial lamb. No government has been hated more by voters and she has to know that. Ms. Wynne needs to call it quits and call an election now. If she is so sure she is on the right track then she should have no fear in doing so.

  2. fight for the sault? she was a do nothing as a councilor, a do nothing as mayor, and wants to be a do nothing for the worst government in modern history.

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