Jian Ghomeshi launches podcast project


TORONTO – Former CBC personality Jian Ghomeshi has resurfaced with an online music and podcast series.

“The Ideation Project” is described as “a creative adventure with the aim of taking a bigger picture view on newsworthy issues and culture.”

It will feature words, original music, recording and production by Ghomeshi.

The project debuted this morning with a six-minute monologue called “Exiles” that asks “what does it mean to feel like you have no homeland?”

The website says future content will cover “a variety of topics from politics to philosophy to pop culture and the human condition.”

Ghomeshi’s return to the spotlight comes about a year after being acquitted of sexually assaulting three women.

He was fired from the CBC in October 2014 after the broadcaster said it saw “graphic evidence” that the former “Q” host had caused physical injury to a woman.


  1. Speaking of exiled this deviant should exiled from the country and anything he touches or does should be boycotted.

    • It’s a shame that his trial was an exercise in victim blaming and shaming. Rather than having a national dialogue about sexual assault, abuse of power in sexual assault, the impact on victims, the support systems in place for victims, and so on, nothing really changed apart from some awareness. I still hope that real change comes from this and Robyn Doolittle’s “Unfounded” report.

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