Krmpotich sets the record straight after Romano attacks


Today, NDP candidate Joe Krmpotich is responding to desperate attacks by Conservative Ross Romano.

“I think Mr. Romano is attempting to mislead voters about the solid plans the NDP has put forward,” said Krmpotich.

“A vote for the NDP is a vote for 30 per cent off your hydro bills, and undoing the privatization of Hydro One. A vote for the NDP is a vote for Ontario’s first universal Pharmacare program, so people will stop having to rack up their credit card bills to get the medicine they need. A vote for the NDP is a vote for a $15 minimum wage.

“And a vote for me is a vote for someone who will fight for us – for all Sault families – at the legislature. It’s a vote for someone whose top priority is good jobs for our children, so they can stay here, build their careers here and raise their families, right here in the Sault.”

Krmpotich said he’s not surprised by the attacks, since Romano and the Conservatives haven’t had anything positive to say about their own plans.

“Mr. Romano and the Conservatives, they won’t tell us what they’d do if elected. They don’t seem to stand for anything at all,” said Krmpotich. “They opposed having a Pharmacare plan. They attacked the idea of 30 per cent lower hydro bills.?

“All we know about their agenda is that they’re cut-and-privatize Conservatives – and I don’t think further cutting and privatization is what our community needs.”


  1. The last time the gap between rich and poor in Ontario was narrowed it was done by the NDP before Bob Rae betrayed his party.The conservatives began to widen the gap as did the liberals.Thanks to Mike Harris and the liberals following them went on to privatize hydro then you wonder why prices skyrocket compared to public hydro in Quebec and Manitoba.Of course liberal incompetence making bad deals hurts as well.When we talk of poverty in this country remember over 70% of them have jobs.So the only ones against a living wage have there stomach full and could care less about poverty.If liberal tory same old story were right there would not be poverty in this country

  2. Ross has a shit plan thus far. Classically effective for nabbing all the half wit voters.
    How about focusing less on dumping all over everyone, more focus on legitimate policy and reasoning.

  3. I agree with safe city. ..
    I will vote for you along with so very many others if you tell us you’ll not only cut, but cap the salaries our politicians, representatives and all other public ‘service workers’ such as the children’s aid society who prays upon those with lower income and many times lower educational background. … we need your help, Joe, I know you can make it happen and free drugs for the elderly and youth is a spectacular idea. .. we can pay it from the abundance of over flow from the cut backs of salaries. .. our roads might even benefit by way of no prejudice when paving and repairs are made in all areas even those with lower income. .. my focus is on those without a voice. .is yours?

  4. WoW. Shawn did Romano write that for you…sounds like it to me. Also sounds like you have all the answers to everyones problems….instead of standing behind your computer and trash talking about a canidates efforts to make difference in our communitty….MAN UP like Joe Krmpotich has in his efforts to make our community a better place to live for all of us. Thanks Joe for your selfless.
    dedication to our city… doubt you ARE the best person for the job and hopefully everyone else will see that too soon. Like Trudeau Shawn …..your just not ready..

  5. Good job Joe and Good luck! I thought Ross’s ad were horrible. “A vote for NDP is a vote for Kathleen Wynne”. Really. That’s the platform your going with—🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Free tuition…free drugs for the young…what about us seniors????? We have paid taxes for years and deserve a few breaks as we near the end.

  7. Tell us you are going to cut the salaries of politicians and have them paid on a performance scale rather than letting them give themselves raises every time there are cuts to services. Tell us you are going cut the ridiculous salaries of the CEO’s of Hydro. Tell us you are going to stop the pork bellied politicians from sucking this province dry. Then I may start to believe you can actually cut hydro bills and give out free medications. The hand outs need to stop. Give people some legitimate valued work to earn the money that the government hands out. Give people some respect.

  8. 30% off hydro bills, that sounds like a Wynne plan… where is that 30% going to come from, oh yes, longer term debt so we can pay for it for longer… great job…

    Oh and you clearly don’t understand minimum wage if you are trying to push for $15/h… you clearly don’t it helps no one who is on minimum wage, nor those who are above it… If you really want to help people you would be going after cost of living, but I can tell by what you wrote you don’t understand the adverse affects of raising minimum wage.

    Its nice your going to give out free drugs but remember they are never free because someone has to pay for them, which means the tax payer. Being we have had 10 years of this liberal crap of more and more taxes I don’t think you are paving a new road, just more of the liberal crap…

    I am guessing by reading this what ever Ross did say probably did hit the nail on the head because your reply you clearly missed giving us the reader any useful information… just a bunch of flashy catch words with no actual plan to pay for things other than dig deeper people…

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