Krmpotich supports minimum standards of care in seniors homes, demands answers from Wynne on Cedarwood


With the news that all new admissions at the Cedarwood Lodge long-term care home have been suspended, NDP candidate Joe Krmpotich says he’s concerned about residents – and he’s demanding that Premier Kathleen Wynne stop refusing to implement minimum standards of care in seniors care homes through the province.

The intake shut-down at Cedarwood is a result of 15 areas of non-compliance. Over the last two years, Cedarwood has received at least 20 orders to comply and 84 written notices of violating the law. Admissions were also suspended in 2015 – but apparently, all of that hasn’t been enough for the government to effectively protect residents, a suspicion confirmed today when Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath asked Premier Wynne about Cedarwood during Question Period.

“This is deeply troubling news for families whose loved ones live at Cedarwood, and it adds to the stress and worry felt by the 553 people who are waiting, today, for long-term care in the Sault,” said Joe Krmpotich, Ward 6 City Councillor and NDP candidate in the upcoming Sault Ste. Marie byelection. “Services are being squeezed by the Wynne government instead of being strengthened – and its seniors and their families that are paying the price.

“That’s why seniors in care need a minimum standard of care – a minimum number of hours of one-on-one care for each resident. By ending short staffing, we can make the supervision, care and attention residents need available to them – and that will mean we can deal with concerns before they become crises.”

An NDP Private Members Bill, The Time to Care Act, has been introduced by France Gelinas, NDP health critic. The bill would amend the Long-Term Care Homes Act so that care homes would have to have enough staff on hand so that each resident can be offered at least four hours a day of hands-on nursing and personal support services averaged across the residents. So far, Wynne has opposed the bill.

“I want Premier Wynne to spend less time looking out for herself and their party, and more time looking out for vulnerable people and everyday families in our community,” said Krmpotich.