Letter: “Ontario is unaffordable”


As PC Critic for Municipal Affairs and Housing I hear from people all over Ontario who are concerned about the affordability of living in Ontario. Over the past few weeks I have been hearing from more and more people who, like the 31 seniors in Sault Ste. Marie, are facing huge rent increases.

On Monday, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown and I called on Premier Wynne to immediately introduce her plans to address rent increases, and to stop publicly musing about rent control options.  The impact of chatter from Premier Wynne and her cabinet ministers is confusion and fear among renters and landlords. For example, we are seeing landlords have knee-jerk reactions and raising their rents thinking it could be their last opportunity.

This is simply unfair to everyone. It results in tenants being hit with huge increases and discouraging landlords from investing in new supply which we desperately need. That is why we have been calling on the government to table their plan immediately.

In a recent article it became clear that there was some confusion on this issue about where the Ontario PCs stand. Let me be clear, it was the Liberals who blocked the rent control bill introduced by NDP. It is the Liberals who are sitting idle, but exercising loose lips on this issue.

This is an important issue for the people who are struggling to afford a place to live, and I hope that we can work together to help people like the Sault Ste. Marie seniors facing large rent increases instead of pointing fingers and spreading misinformation.

Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford

PC Critic for Municipal Affairs and Housing




  1. Ms. Wynne and her Liberals have lost the little bit of support they had and are a non effective lame duck party with no where to go. It is time the other parties demanded that she call an election now so that we can get this province out of its current stalemate. If she is so sure that what she is doing is correct…then…she should have no trouble going to the polls NOW. History has shown that she is all talk and has no plan that works on just about everything thrown her way. Time to exit ms Wynne and the Liberals.

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