Local business offering support to charitable organizations


Starting May 1, 2017, community organizations and sports teams can use Highland Ford’s commercial-grade barbeque for upcoming fundraising or community events free of charge.

“Youth sports have become so expensive to play and every year the price keeps going up. Young athletes in our community may miss the opportunity to participate due to the high costs,” says Darren Smyl, owner of Highland Ford. “By providing our commercial-grade barbecue to community organizations and sports teams, we can now offer a fundraising tool to help them raise money to go towards gear, travel costs or other expenses.”

The barbeque is not just limited to sports teams in the area. The Cadets, ARCH Hospice and other community organizations used the free resource last year.

“The Highland Ford team is dedicated to helping local fundraisers and teams. Last year, the barbecue was used over 20 times,” says Smyl. “The program keeps us busy throughout the summer months but we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

The barbeque is available for a one-to-three day rental period. Groups require a hitch to transport and are responsible for making sure the barbeque is cleaned before it is returned.

To reserve, simply call (705) 759-5050 or signup online on the Donation Requests page.