Lone Wolf is eliminated.

"Match1 tangle" - The Lone Wolf machine (blue - in the front left) tangles with the agressive Chinese machine (opposite it across the fence). Just after this photo was taken, the Chinese team swept across the Lone wolf machine, knocking it over and receiving a "yellow card" for aggressive play.

A very exciting semi-final had some interesting developments. Match 1 saw the opponent’s “Shocks” team get caught on the field reset ladder in the opening seconds, leaving the Lone Wolf alliance with an easy win. “Shocks” were Lone Wolf’s” partners who helped them to win the Provincials in February but were now their opponents in the semis. Hold the result though – Shocks successfully protested the result as the ladder was not a normal part of the field, and the match had to be replayed.

In the rematch, Lone Wolf’s machine was very fast, helping to score a higher win then in the initial match. Score 1 for Lone Wolf.

In match 2, Lone Wolf sat out (all alliances must play without one robot in each match), but their two partners both became crippled, handing their opponents an easy win.
The tie breaker followed and the Shocks robot had Lone Wolf’s number – putting up a superb defensive game and preventing team 114T from scoring – and giving Lone Wolf’s alliance another loss and eliminating them from the playoffs.

Lone Wolf is out and ends the week with a 3rd place overall finish in their division.

Elementary School events start tomorrow afternoon, with their playoff finals set to take place Tuesday night.