North Budget Cut!

Romano-Brown Meet & Greet

“The people of Sault Ste. Marie have been without a voice at Queen’s Park for over 118 days since former MPP David Orazietti officially resigned.  As day after day has passed us by without an election being called, we have been worried about the consequences of not having a seat at the table, especially during the announcement of the 2017 budget.  Yesterday, the Liberal government confirmed our worst fears, they have given up on us,” stated Ross Romano, candidate for the PC Party of Ontario in the still yet-to-be-called local by-election.

The budget, which contains a massive $5 billion operational deficit, does little for the people of Northern Ontario. The budget makes a massive cut of $70 million out of the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines. This is the ministry that helps to establish mining operations all over Northern Ontario, creating good, well-paying jobs that help to grow our Northern economy — obviously not a concern for this government.

It came as a serious shock to see that this year’s budget removed all mention of the Ring of Fire. After three years of obviously empty promises, the Wynne government has completely abandoned this critical mining project.

“Even with an extra $5 billion of one-time revenue from sources such as the fire sale of Hydro One, this Liberal government has still found a way to leave the people of Sault Ste. Marie in the dark. This is shocking and disappointing. This government should be ashamed.”

“This budget confirms what we already knew, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals don’t care about Northern Ontario and they don’t care about the people of Sault Ste. Marie.” said Romano.

Kathleen Wynne has only 62 days left to call the election.


  1. I have yet to hear how the CONservatives are going to get Ontario out of this mess. It is easy to criticize but let us hear the action plan Mr. Romano.

    • Nor are you likely to, Bri. Thr conservatives, and the NDP for that matter, are well versed in opposing anything and everything the government does or proposed. Taken action to resolve a problem, on the other hand, eludes them.

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