Petition started for multi-use path on Second Line


City council are you listening? Andre Riopel, local cycling enthusiasts wants more attention given to new bike or multi-use paths around the Sault, namely Second Line.

Riopel wants to create a multi-use path on the south side of Second Line between Great Northern Road and Old Garden River Road, and to covert the sidewalk on the west side of Great Northern Road between Second Line and Soo Mill into a multi use path, indicated on his new online petition.

This path would connect the existing HUB trail on Old Garden River Road with Industrial Court Drive and the lighted intersection near the Soo Mill access, routes already identified in the Cycling Master Plan.

Riopel posted a video on facebook Monday outlining his plans and then launched the petition.

To support the petition you can go here


  1. The cyclists are already using the sidewalk as a multi use path in this area of town. It can’t cost that much to paint a little bit of concrete!

  2. Let’s spend more money the city does not have. I think it’s a good idea, “But” the city does not have the money and we are so over taxed as it is. Maybe Mr. Riopel would like to pay for it. As he has a direct benefit from more and more people using bikes…..

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