Raccoon does high wire act


A young raccoon is attracting a lot of attention and that’s probably the last thing the animal needs according to authorities.

The raccoon, estimated to be less than a year old has been stuck on top of a power utility pole in the east end all day. Near by residents say the raccoon was spotted up on top of the power line since 8am Monday morning.

“My son thought it was a cat” said one woman. A facebook post slamming the PUC for not turning off the power so crews can get the animal down has many commenting.

SaultOnline.com contacted the PUC and was advised they know of the situation. Fire Services , Police and PUC have been to the site but the animal is too scared to come down said a spokesperson from PUC Emergency services.

PUC say the best thing is to leave the animal alone. “it’s not going to come down to people”

The utility says once traffic has stopped and people stop trying to coax the young pup down the animal will likely come down by itself. The pole is approximately 40 feet high and has 35,000 kilowatts  running through the lines. There is a fear the racoon could be electrocuted if the animal forces two of the lines together.

Some people have tried food to get the attention of the racoon. Some food was left at the base of the pole.   Authorities say to leave the animal alone and it will likely come down before morning.

Photo Kaya Zelonko Facebook.