Sault Ste. Marie makes the list as most breathtaking places to visit


Sault Ste. Marie has made the list as one of the most breathtaking destinations in North America, says popular travel blog,

Destinations on the list were selected for having photo-ready landscapes, extraordinary architecture and historic hideaways that distinguish each as North America’s most beautiful places to visit.

Sault Ste. Marie joins places like Banff / Lake Louise National Park, Niagara Falls and Havana Cuba in this list of the 34 most breathtaking places to visit, and the Agawa Canyon is our “rock star”

Other places such as Old Montreal, Hilo , Hawaii and Red Deer Alberta share the honour. Travel Blog states, We all know that Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, offers plenty of pretty sights, including the Art Gallery of Algoma, Parks Canada Canal, Chippewa Falls, and the steep cliffs off of Alona Bay. However, the real rock star is Agawa Canyon. A ride along the Agawa Canyon Train Tour is one of the best ways to experience this breathtaking sight, where you’ll wind past the bursts of trees and teeter close to the edge. Yes, you’re going to want to look down.

The travel blog features a shot of the city’s waterfront. To check out the rest of the list in the 34 most breathtaking places to visit in North America, CLICK HERE

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