Some very tough matches for the Korah Lone Wolf team at Worlds

"Opening Parade" - the Canadian team reps pass through the wall of flags that lights up with the Maple-Leaf during the opening ceremonies, immediately following the teams from Bahrain.

Team 114T completed their final skills challenge matches but were unable to beat their best scores from yesterday, and were passed by some teams who did improve, and slipped into 23rd overall in the Skills events (out of 193 teams who posted any results). One more day of Skills Matches could see them slip farther down as other teams try their first matches, or improve their previous high scores.

Opening Teamplay qualifying matches were a real battle, with a very heavy and overtly aggressive Chinese robot proving to be hard to toss the game pieces over, which also received warnings from the referees prior to handing Lone Wolf an opening loss.

A second match had a wiring issue pop up as wires dislodged during pit robot inspection were replaced incorrectly and caused control issues for the normally dominant Lone Wolf machine, and caused their second loss of the event.

“Design Interviews” – judges appeared at the Lone Wolf Pit to interview them about their strong and impressive robot design.

An exciting 3rd match teamed them with a Mexican squad who spoke no English – enter Google translate, which helped them develop a winning strategy for their first win of the day.

So after 3 matches in Teamplay, they sit ranked 57th in their division, with 7 more matches to try to move up the rankings. 5 more teamplay matches are on the schedule for tomorrow, with their final 2 qualifying matches on Saturday morning.

In the meantime, they were also selected as finalists in two major judging categories, getting interviewed in both the Design Award category, and the Programming Award category. These final awards will be announced on Saturday during the playoff finals.

“Match1 tangle” – The Lone Wold machine (blue – in the front left) tangles with the agressive Chinese machine (opposite it across the fence). Just after this photo was taken, the Chinese team swept across the Lone wolf machine, knocking it over and receiving a “yellow card” for aggressive play.