The winners of the 75th anniversary early bird draw are….

Winner $155 Registration Refund L-R WO2 Ben Fisher, LAC Bear, Cpl. Zach Nott

Winning the Early Bird first prize, a refund of the $155.00 registration for the 155 Borden Gray GC Squadron’s 75th Alumni Celebration held May 05 to 07 was Micheal Lewis. The second prize for early registration was Mike Aikens who won the Guided International Bridge Arch Tour. Both Micheal and Mike are alumni of the 155 Sqn. and interestingly during their time as cadets they were behind a 35mm Camera taking some of the photos that make up the photo collections on the 155’s web page that alumni and supporters can view online. There is still time to register and receive a limited edition 155 Squadron 75th Anniversary memorabilia item that is valued at $20.00 and part of the welcome package of special anniversary items.

Winning Ticket Bridge Arch Tour, L-R WO 2 Ada Crowder, LAC Bear, AC Kayla Herbert

Micheal Lewis stated, “I really enjoyed my time with the 155”. “Many of the memorable moments were the outdoor summer and winter exercises”. “Flying in a Glider for the first time, flying in a Cesetna 152 with Peter Petainen as well, trips to CFB North Bay for the 50th reunion and also gliding again”.

Mike Aiken’s prize was donated by the International Bridge Administration which will see Mike and three friends view the sights of the Twin Sault’s from the top of the International Bridge. He stated,” I really enjoyed my years in Air Cadets and still stay in contact with the friends I had from the 155”.

LAC Bear the 155 Squadron Mascot was on hand to oversee the drawing of the two winning tickets.

Front Mark Riihiaho, Back Sgt. Mike Lewis. 1993

Micheal and Mike will be participating in the Friday May 05’s evening social at the Canadian Heritage Bushplane Museum, the Annual Review of the 155 Squadron at 10:00 am, Pine Street Armoury along with a opportunities to interact after with the present day Air Cadets that are aged 12 to 18 years of age. On Saturday the evening there will be a dinner were alumni can again socialize and renew friendships that separate them only by the miles in between where they now live. Many will reminisce about Drill Team and Pipe Band competitions that they participated in and earned many awards over the years for the 155 Squadron in area and provincial competitions. On Sunday they meet for breakfast and will exchange some e-mail addresses. Later in the morning the 155 Sqn Cadets, Staff and Alumni will participate in the Battle of Atlantic Parade. There will also a commemoration of Flight Officer Borden Gray GC whom the 155 Sqn proudly remembers his sacrifice.

Winning Ticket Bridge Arch Tour, L-R WO 2 Ada Crowder, LAC Bear, AC Kayla Herbert.

To find out more information on the registration packages that are available on line please visit, Also there are hounds of photos and news paper clipping to view through the various years from 1942 to present.

Winner Mike Aikens, L-R WO2 Ben Fisher, Cpl. Zack Knot

For more information on what boys and girls aged 12 to 18 years of age learn and participate in while having fun and making friends please visit, There is no cost to join or for the regular training and uniforms.

Sgt. Mike Aikens 1986