“This is a new battle for Ontario” PC leader on fentanyl overdose crisis in the Sault


Last week, OPP seized¬† 109.4 grams of fentanyl powder, 66 fentanyl capsules, 25 fentanyl pills, 35 oxycodone pills, eight fentanyl patches at the border in Windsor. the Coroner’s office has reported 11 deaths from fentanyl use between 2010 and 2015.¬† Since January of this year over 50 overdoses from fentanyl has been documented in the Sault alone.

PC Leader Patrick Brown says its Ontario’s newest crisis and the government isn’t doing enough to combat the problem.

“I have met with police associations across the province and there’s a lot of concern about this, we need to take this issue more seriously” Brown told SaultOnline.com.

Brown was in Sault Ste. Marie on Saturday to meet with the Sault Police Service abut the ever growing problem of opioid usage.

Brown says the Wynne government is not doing enough to let the public know of services available to help those with addiction to the drug. “This has become a real hazard for our communities”

Fentanyl is a strong opioid that doctors prescribe to help patients manage chronic pain. It is estimated to be 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine and 10 times more powerful than heroin. Communities are increasingly reporting the presence of bootleg Fentanyl in local illicit drug markets in pill, powder and liquid formulations.

Brown challenged the government last week in the legislature to use the limited advertising budget on a public awareness campaign about the threat fentanyl is causing Ontario.

“The government is too busy spending the limited budget almost exclusively on vanity ads” Brown said. Brown is referring to an ad campaign recently launched by the Liberals about the rebates on electricity prices.

“How dare they spend money on vanity ads on Hydro and not on public awareness we need to combat this crisis” Brown said.

Brown said under a PC government he would equip the social service agencies and police with the resources they need, “law enforcement need more help,”the reality is this is a new battle for Ontario”

Brown said he would seek to use revenues from the legalization of marijuana to help pay for resources to fight the overdose crisis in the province. The federal government announced last week that legalization of marijuana will happen on July 1st, 2018.

“Over all the addiction crisis is a major problem in our community” Ross Romano, local PC candidate for the yet-to-be-called by-election in Sault Ste. Marie.

Romano says he believes there’s not enough being done with the youth and drug use locally “and that’s where the problems can start”

Police say, bootleg pure Fentanyl is mixed with other cutting agents. This process does not evenly disperse the Fentanyl throughout the finished product (either pill or powder form). This process leaves the drug user with no way of knowing the concentration of the dose that they are consuming, thus increasing the risk of succumbing to an overdose.

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Craig Huckerby
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  1. Don’t vote for these clowns they will just tie the province up in expensive litigation.The have been doing for years already. If you want to keep jobs, social programs, healthcare and low taxes.( Not to mention Leitch and her Draconian approach to cannabis law). I think we all had enough of this resource waste when they voted in Stephen Harper. …VOTE ANYONE BUT PC.

  2. Prescription drugs are regulated by the federal government.

    As one of only a handful of Conservative MPs on the House of Commons standing committee on health (2007-2013), Patrick Brown ought to be explaining to the people of Ontario why he failed to act.

    As the federal Conservative representing the riding of Barrie from 2006-2015, Brown spent more taxpayer money printing partisan flyers than any other MP in Canada.

  3. Because enforcement has solved drug problems for decades on end…

    How about we don’t try failed solutions because they sound good politically? Maybe the PCs should do some research into the opioid epidemic rather than propose politically appetizing solutions that aren’t actually solutions.

    These issues start with prescription painkillers. Why does big pharma get a pass when they create obviously addictive and dependence forming drugs? Why isn’t follow up done with people on prescription painkillers so that their doctors can identify that they’re getting addicted and can get them treatment. But care and treatment of addicts and their addiction (which is a disease) isn’t as jazzy to the PC base as sending out the enforcers. Same old solution will result in a continuation of the problem because the same old style of thinking that gets us into these problems won’t be corrected.

    About this by-election and the 2018 election: We’re all screwed no matter what. The PCs will set us back with old-timey ideas like this. The NDPs will bankrupt us. The Libs have too much invested in the status quo to be willing to change. We need desperately new ideas but no one will offer any good ones.

  4. The Wynne government is not doing enough? That’s a huge understatement.
    The only thing they know how to do is carelessly squander billions of taxpayer money with no benefits from it and bury the country deeper in debt by the minute. We can’t wait until the next election to oust these corrupt thieves.

    • I am not sure why we have to wait so long? SHE has lost any glimmer of voter support and the other 2 parties should be demanding she step down NOW.(sort of like an impeachment). All she will do between now and the next election is hand out dollars in the hope of garnering more votes. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF HER ALREADY. She cannot even find a candidate to run locally and thus the byelection is in limbo.

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