Wynne leaves out Essar Steel Algoma pensions

photo Jamie West / Facebook

Sault Ste. Marie NDP candidate Joe Krmpotich issued the following statement after the Wynne government left out any mention of Essar Steel Algoma pensions.

“After allowing the province’s steel industry to deteriorate to a point where hundreds of jobs and pensions are now threatened, it is unbelievable that the Wynne government would leave out any mention of the pension obligations to Essar Steel retirees and their families.
“Pensions are deferred earnings. They’re owed to the workers that earned them. Now, pension plan members who worked hard and did everything right to protect their future are worried.

“Kathleen Wynne is so out of touch, she has no idea how important this is to the City of Sault Ste. Marie. “For years, she’s been doing damage. This budget doesn’t even begin to undo that damage, let alone put us further ahead.”


  1. Maybe Andrea Horvath and the NDP should not have agreed to the budget that allowed Wynne to govern and gain a majority. However if we vote NDP on the ByElection why would the Majority Liberal Government step up to the plate to assist with the restructuring and the Pensions that are underfunded. NDP has represented Stelco in Hamilton. They have been in CCAA longer than Algoma. Their retiree benefits were lost and the Liberals are assisting. Andrea chose to allow the Liberals a majority. Let’s here the defense for that rather than the rhetoric the NDP is putting forth. Sad as it is if the Soo votes anything but Liberal in the ByElection they can’t expect help with Essar and pensions. Nothing! Whether we like it or not the General Election is the time to throw her out but Not Now when we may need her.

    • Horvath lost all credibility when she propped up the Liberals and allowed them to destroy this province. Does she think we have forgotten?

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