A Statement from Ontario PC Leader and PC candidate Ross Romano


The following statement was issued Saturday by the PC Ross Romano camp

Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP continue to claim that they are different from the Liberals and that they have a plan to fix our broken energy system.

What the NDP always fail to mention that they helped break the system when they propped up the Liberal’s disastrous Green Energy Act in 2009. The Green Energy Act locked Ontarians into billions of dollars of bad contracts for wind and solar power that we didn’t need.

Even Kathleen Wynne has admitted that the Liberals have made “mistakes” on energy policy. Andrea Horwath, on the other hand, recently told voters in the Sault that “We certainly support the act…”. When Ms. Horwath talks about the supposed environmental benefits of the Act, she wants us to forget that Ontario already has a valuable source of green energy that we’ve neglected: hydro-electricity. In 2015, we spilled or abandoned 4.8 billion kilowatt-hours of energy from waterpower facilities that we bought and paid for decades ago.

This is all because this government is prioritizing more expensive, intermittent wind and solar power that we don’t need. Ms. Horwath’s continued support for the Act in light of this kind of waste is mystifying and unacceptable. The NDP’s energy plan will not curb waste and it will not get us out of the bad contracts that have caused our hydro rates to spiral out of control.

It is a fantasy. We have talked to so many people in Sault Ste Marie who do not know where the money to pay their next Hydro bill will come from. It’s time for Andrea Horwath and Joe Krmpotich to admit that their party is part of the problem and that they do not have the solutions. The Ontario PC is the only party committed to getting Ontario out of bad contracts. That’s what we are fighting for. – PC Leader Patrick Brown is in Sault Ste Marie today door knocking with Ross Romano.


  1. Dear Mr. Romano:

    You have been to my home on walk around the area. I expressed I would seriously consider giving you my vote in upcoming election.

    My experience over the years, in consideration of our political system, has brought me a strong opinion of skepticism about politicians.

    Several weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to Mr. Brown and his campaign office. It contained a complaint I had sent to the Minister of Transportation re: travellers on our 400 / 69 highway having stopped to use a portable privy at a lay down area from the 4 lane roadway, aproximately 6 Km South of Oastler Lake. This was in early afternoon.The inside was simply disgusting and unusable.

    I commented to the Minister that with the wealth of Ontario and in keeping with its’ claim of being open to opportunity that surely we can do much, much better with the high volume of traffic to provide toilets of 2017. We, in the North, deserve more.

    I received a reply from MTO that this particular facility was attended to @ 5 p.m. by Carillion Canada , maintenance contractor and cleaned. While I do appreciate that not all people possess the same degree of bathroom etiquette, we need to do better for those who do.

    I would have thought Mr. Brown ( aides ) would have decided this was important enough to respond to my e-mail. It reinforces my belief.

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