Amaroso issues statement on By-election call


Former mayor challenges rivals to focus on local issues in ten debates

Debbie Amaroso, the Ontario Liberal candidate, released the following statement today on the occasion of a by-election being called for June 1st in Sault Ste. Marie:

“I’m ready to fight for Sault Ste. Marie to deliver positive change. This by-election will not change the reality that we have a majority Liberal government for at least the next year, so I believe we are best served with an MPP who is part of the governing party.

“What this by-election does represent is an important opportunity to talk about an exciting vision for our city, to create jobs, protect our public services and improve our quality of life. We need an MPP down at Queen’s Park with a record of experience fighting for the Soo and a proven track record of delivering results. That is exactly what my record shows.

“I am challenging my two rivals to meet me for ten community debates where we can talk about the critical issues facing Sault Ste. Marie. Let’s go beyond talking points and actually share with the voters how we will make a real difference here in Sault Ste. Marie. I hope they will both agree to these ten debates—I believe we owe it to voters to share our ideas, defend our experience and be accessible to public scrutiny.

“Either way, I wish both Joe and Ross good luck and look forward to the campaign. I’m proud of my work on behalf of our City as mayor, as a councillor and as a volunteer. More importantly — I’m eager to continue my fight for the Soo and for you as our MPP, and I look forward to speaking with you throughout the next month as I work to earn your support.”

Debbie Amaroso was the first female mayor of Sault Ste. Marie. She is a former city councillor, and is a local small business owner, community volunteer, mother and grandma.


  1. Ok so you have a problem with 1,2,3 each of which costing taxpayers money, so when #4 comes along and literally earns money without instead of costing it.. you are against this? You sir should stay home on Election Day.. your drunk!!

  2. RON Schinners May 1, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    DEBBIE Amaroso ‘s council voting Record.

    History of Raising Property Taxes,2001,2004,2005,2006.

    Every year Debbie sat on council she was voted for tax increases.

    How is that fighting For the People supported 233%increase to Councils travel budget.

    SUPPORTED hundreds of thousands of dollars for multimodal studies that have amounted to virtually nothing.

    SUPPORTED A DECADE OF WORLD TRAVEL FOR Mayor Rowswell.Did not ask for follow up reports on most trips,which resulted in no tangible economic benefit to the City.

    SUPPORTED $5.3 million cost overruns on the truck route and supported over $27 million cost overruns on the East End sewage treatment plant.

    SUPPORTED LEASING NAMING RIGHTS TO BEER SPONSOR. After Beer sponsor walked away ,did not support signed 10,000 name petition to have name “Memorial Gardens ” be retained I honour of fallen Veterans.

    Is this the person you want to represent you as your MPP at Queens Park?

    Proud of this?

    • Let’s be honest: If we were do dig into the other two’s records on Council, I’d be inclined to vote third party.

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