Amaroso on “having a seat at the table”


You’ve heard me say that I’m running for MPP because I want the Sault to keep a seat at the table. This isn’t just a slogan; I really mean it. Here’s why.

After June 1st, no matter which way you vote, it will still be a majority Liberal government until next June when there will be a general election. If you vote for me, your Liberal candidate, the Sault will remain a member of the majority government and there are significant benefits that come with being aligned with the government.

The majority government sets the agenda and influences policy and investments. Because a majority government has more members, they’re easily able to vote ideas into reality.

In the next year, we need to make significant progress. We can’t let this year go to waste.

Members of the majority government have significant opportunities to interface with Cabinet Ministers who make decisions that impact many aspects of our lives, including: education, health, transport, childcare and resource development like the Ring of Fire.

If you elect me, I’ll be able to present our community’s needs and concerns within meetings, offsite brainstorming sessions, in the halls of Queen’s Park, and within the Northern caucus of the Liberal government. I could walk up to and tell the Premier every day that I want decisive action on OLG.

I could regularly impress upon the Minister of Northern Development and Mines that we need to come to a decision with our indigenous partners on where the corridor to the Ring of Fire will be and that when we do, the Sault better reap the benefits.

I could bend the ear of the the Minister of Transportation to ask that our highway is twinned sooner rather  than later.

I could take the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry to lunch and insist that I want to protect our community from bears and that the Sault won’t accept anything less than our guaranteed safety.

I loved being mayor, and I love being a grandma. I’m coming out of retirement because I believe we need to make the most of this next year by remaining a part of the government.

If you elect a member of the opposition, I’m afraid they won’t have the access or influence that I will.

So that’s what having a seat at the table means. It means we get to be a part of the decision-making process. It means those in power will hear about our community’s needs and concerns more than they will if you elect a member of a different party.

It’s simple logic. If you want what’s best for the Sault for the next year, I encourage you to make a difference and not a point. I encourage you to vote for me.


  1. This is sadly, very hilarious folks !! Being at the table of this devastating liberal party is like the captain and his officers sitting at the table, discussing their strategy and what to do next, after the Titanic has already hit the iceberg. Seriously folks but, of course, none of us taxpayers in this Province are laughing. Let your voice be heard; please convey your displeasure with these cronies. Get out your vote, please. I think this Province is still treading water, it’s barely on life support.

  2. we had a seat at the table, David Orazietti quits Premier Kathleen Wynne’s cabinet to spend more time with his family in Sault Ste. Marie… I don’t see your point …. we will get another four years like the last one sitting at the kids’ table,,, what has the liberal government has done for the northern residence .. please explain the hydro screw up from smart meters to the sell off of our hydro which the majority of the people are against. so who do you represent?

  3. It is sad that Debbie reminds us that if we do not vote for her we will get nothing. I do not believe our forefathers intended that only those aligned to a party will reap rewards. We all pay taxes and we need to stop this threatening Debbie. Many will say we got nothing but increases in hydro costs from the Liberals.One more year of the same…or worse…from the Liberals is not very exciting to this voter.

  4. Just sticking in my two cents….Since each of the three main party candidates has council experience…my question is what in their time on council have they done to make it advantageous for new business investment, development and growth?
    What were the success rates of those efforts?

  5. The current majority government is out of control and what they are doing is a total nightmare.
    We need new representation not more of the same from someone who agrees with their madness.
    If you didn’t agree with their policies you would be running for a different party, or not at all.

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