Amaroso on Job Creation Plan


Each candidate has been promising you that if elected, they’ll be the advocate you need at Queen’s Park; the person who will create jobs in the Sault. I’m hearing a lot of promises, but no concrete plans about how exactly they’ll do it.

Conservatives have no plan – not for the Sault and certainly not for the province.

As for the NDP, wishful thinking can only get you so far. You need a financially viable plan to drive change forward. The truth is, an NDP government would overspend and over-regulate, driving out business and stifling our economy. That’s no way to create and sustain jobs.

I believe it is the duty of government to invest in infrastructure and services that stimulate our economy and create jobs. That’s what I’m going to fight for at Queen’s Park.

Frankly, each party’s approach to government is largely irrelevant because after June 1st, it will still be a Liberal majority government. So the choice for the Sault is this: do we want a seat at the table or a seat on the sidelines?

With a representative at the table, you’ll see even more investment from the Liberal government, investments that result in local success stories.

When David Orazietti was at the table, he pushed the government to invest in the Sault Airport expansion. Not only did the investment create jobs, it allowed for Porter Airlines to begin serving our community, which drove down flight prices, enhanced tourism and stimulated Sault Ste. Marie’s economy.

It was also the Liberal government that made countless investments in Sault College, including the Centre for Studies in Early Learning and Care, Institute for the Environment Education and Entrepreneurship and a new Waterfront and Tennis Centre. These investments alone created 23 full time jobs in the Sault while improving our college’s academic offerings and the student experience.

From Outspoken Brewery to the expansion of the Algoma Residential Community Hospice, we can see the benefits of this government’s investment in all corners of our community. Do we really want to give that up?

I will fight for jobs, investments, the Sault and for you. If I don’t succeed, you can hold me accountable in 2018.


  1. What is the Liberal count on the number of jobs they take credit for? It seems to me that with the high energy costs employers are LEAVING THIS ONCE GREAT PROVINCE.Ontario is no longer competitive.

  2. I heard about jobs back 4 years and every 4 after that for overall 15 to 20 years .. no significant amount of people have been employed in fact we ride in the negative this election is about hydro . And the simple question is private or public .. I SAY PUBLIC and that’s how I am voting

  3. Plan or no plan, liberal, ndp, or pc local candidate, it doesn’t much matter when the out of control fiberal wackos already have a crazy agenda that they won’t deviate from. The only answer for this is for Wynne to step down NOW and admit that she has no idea what she is doing and also admit that she has done irreparable damage.

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