Amaroso Sets Facts Straight on Ring of Fire


I’m committed to the Ring of Fire and I have a plan to advocate so that Sault Ste. Marie sees all the benefits this exciting project can offer.

Both Ross and Joe have been misleading you on the Ring of Fire in an effort to win your vote. I’m going to give you the facts so that you can make an informed decision.

The notion that the province has given up on the Ring of Fire is simply false. The Liberal government has earmarked 1 billion dollars for the development of the Ring of Fire.

The insinuation that somehow the Liberal government is deliberately delaying the development of a 60 billion dollar resource is illogical and bizarre.

What the government is doing, is abiding by the internationally recognized minimum standard of free, prior and informed consent and respecting our commitments to indigenous peoples. There will be multiple indigenous communities affected by where the transportation corridor to the Ring of Fire will be built. These communities are individual, with individual needs and in order to access the Ring of Fire we need their consent.

Regardless of what party is in power, no party has the right to bulldoze through the traditional territories of multiple indigenous peoples. As a lawyer, you’d think Ross Romano would know that. Joe Krmpotich would need to engage in the exact same negotiations with indigenous peoples that the Liberal government has been having for a decade – only he’d have to start from scratch.

The Ring of Fire will be developed, a transportation corridor will be selected, and if I’m elected, I’m going to fight every day to locate a smelter right here in the Sault, but we have to do it right, so we don’t end up paying for it later.


  1. ” but we have to do it right, so we don’t end up paying for it later.”

    That ship has long sailed, the fiberals have and continue to bury us more in irrecoverable, unimaginable debt every minute of every day. Do you think everyone was born yesterday, Debbie?
    The fiberals had their chance and blew it colossally, they need to ride off into the sunset and never return.
    You need to reconsider what you are doing and withdraw from this losing race, save yourself the embarrassment of trying to represent these crooked losers that nobody wants any part of after their numerous irresponsible, brain dead moves.

    • It is hard to consider supporting Debbie when we know she truly believes in everything the Wynne govt is doing to us. She is either just like those Liberals or pretty naive.Perhaps she was offered a “position” to run?

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