Amaroso Statement on Essar


Like every member of our community, I’ve anxiously followed news about Essar over the past year and watched as friends and relatives had to plan their futures, not knowing if they would still have a job.

In uncertain times, it’s critical that Sault Ste. Marie has a strong voice at the government table. Someone who will fight for every bit of support that Essar needs to remain sustainable and competitive, and someone who will fight to protect the thousands of good paying jobs right here in our community.

Other candidates in this by-election will tell you that they’ll push the government for these investments, but without a seat at the table, they’ll never be as effective as a government MPP.

I don’t want to go down to Queen’s Park to make friends or play politics. I want to fight for the Sault and for you and I believe having a representative that’s part of a majority government, is the best way to do that.


  1. The Liberals have done nothing to help this city through its current financial difficulties. Why would we think Debbie will suddenly produce the magic wand IF ELECTED? Many feel she was a very weak mayor…pushed around by others…unable to make critical decisions etc. Why would a “seat at the Liberal table” make her any more productive?? By running as a liberal candidate,Debbie is telling us that she thinks the Wynne government is worthy of more support. She endorses everything Wynne has done to this province and wants us to waddle up to the trough and ask for more pain.

    • Flashbulb Orazietti knew when to abandon ship and others will soon follow as they see their ship of fellow liberal ratfinks sinking.

  2. One Wynned bag is enough, electing another liberal is akin to cutting our own throats.
    We have learned that nothing liberal is good for us and we have had it to the eyeballs with their bullshit.

  3. If I’m not mistaken you already have a seat at the table Ms. Amaroso. You’ve been Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal candidate in the Sault for several weeks now. Yet you’ve delivered NOTHING? Zero, zip, zilch, nada. Show us a taste of what you can deliver. Use your candidate “seat” to get Premier Wynne to deliver something NOW if you really want us to believe you about your so-called magical “seat at the table”.

  4. Your a Liberal and cannot be trusted.when you were Mayor You ignored the Ratepayers Association..As Mayor you did nothing for the people of Sault Ste Marie you voted for tax increases every year you were on Council Ias Mayor and as a councillor. YOU ARE one of the reasons this City pays the highest property taxes in Ontario. The last person this city needs is in Queens Park is you or a Conservative same Garbage different coloured bag.

    • You’re trying to tell us to vote ndp, or not bother voting at all?
      Looks to me like no matter which way we vote we will just get more screwed!

    • Actually Ron Deb was receptive to the SSMAR on many thing. Willing to listen and move forward initiatives brought forward.

  5. We did and look where we are on that topic, So what’s your point again,,, this isn’t a secret but the city is in court to get their millions of unpaid taxes and what did our MPP do or the government who he sat at … When did the liberals want to sell public entities to private interests? that was the conservative stance,,, so do you support your governments past and present actions with Hydro one and green energy

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