An Open Letter to Premier Wynne from Debbie Amaroso


Sault Ste. Marie — Ontario Liberal candidate and former mayor Debbie Amaroso today sent the following open letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne to outline why she’s running for MPP: to fight to deliver meaningful results for Sault Ste. Marie as part of a majority Liberal government:

“Dear Premier Wynne,

Last weekend, I was nominated as the Ontario Liberal Party candidate for the Sault Ste. Marie by-election.

I want to lay out why I’m running very directly so you and I are on the same page, and the voters can be clear, too.

But first, let me just say — I hope you call this by-election sooner rather than later. Sault Ste. Marie needs to be heard and I’m ready to fight for my City at Queen’s Park.

Because that’s exactly why I’m running. Frankly, I don’t really care about the ups and downs of party politics or what the Toronto media obsesses over. That’s just political noise that’s disconnected from the lives of ordinary people and the challenges we face, especially up here in the North.

Here’s what we actually care about:

We need to protect and create jobs–that’s first and foremost.

That means I’m going to be on your case from this moment on to ensure we keep jobs here in the Soo. I’m talking about OLG and Essar. I’m going to get results in the next year. It’s a commitment I’m making to voters now. Voters can hold me accountable on that. So we better get it done.

When I was the Soo’s first female mayor, you were just starting out as Ontario’s first female Premier, and Sault Ste. Marie had a great MPP, David Orazietti.

I’m very proud of the investments we were able to announce together to improve our hospital, schools, college, university, roads, bridges and bus service. I’ve got a list of what projects need to come next. I’ll forward it to you and your cabinet, and we can have a chat about it, too.

That’s the long and short of it. That’s why I’m running: I’ve got a vision to create positive change for my City, and being an MPP in your government is the best way to use the next year before the provincial election to deliver for the Soo.

So, let’s get the campaign going, and then — with the voters’ support — let’s get to work delivering for Sault Ste. Marie.



PS: I simply love the new free pharmacare plan for children and youth under 24. That’s exactly the kind of thing we need more of!”


  1. The Liberals are toast.
    The NDP propped up the Liberals in the last election and allowed them the power to ruin this province.They are toast,
    The Conservatives are not to be trusted…remember when they were in power? Low voter turnout a huge possibility…who to vote for???

  2. Don’t waste your breath, the Wynnedbag cares not about the north.
    Sides, the pc party will be voted in for the job when the time comes.
    The lying, crooked, useless, senseless fiberals are done like dinner in these parts.

  3. DEBBIE Amaroso ‘s council voting Record.

    History of Raising Property Taxes,2001,2004,2005,2006.

    Every year Debbie sat on council she was voted for tax increases.

    How is that fighting For the People supported 233%increase to Councils travel budget.

    SUPPORTED hundreds of thousands of dollars for multimodal studies that have amounted to virtually nothing.

    SUPPORTED A DECADE OF WORLD TRAVEL FOR Mayor Rowswell.Did not ask for follow up reports on most trips,which resulted in no tangible economic benefit to the City.

    SUPPORTED $5.3 million cost overruns on the truck route and supported over $27 million cost overruns on the East End sewage treatment plant.

    SUPPORTED LEASING NAMING RIGHTS TO BEER SPONSOR. After Beer sponsor walked away ,did not support signed 10,000 name petition to have name “Memorial Gardens ” be retained I honour of fallen Veterans.

    Is this the person you want to represent you as your MPP at Queens Park?

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