Announcement Regarding Essar Steel Algoma coming Friday


SaultOnline.comhas been invited to an announcement Friday morning at Essar Steel Algoma.

Kalyan Ghosh, CEO of Essar Steel Algoma will be making an announcement regarding “a new chapter in our history.” was told in a media advisory from the company.

No further details are available concerning the announcement. will be there Friday morning and will have the latest regarding this announcement.


  1. They are playing a shell game. Now they are wasting money to lose the poor image they so rightly deserve to have. While paying only $325, 000 per month for taxes, they are wasting $1000’s on re-branding whether it’s company stationary to signage. The game continues..

  2. That was a waste of time no one knows anything more than they did yesterday other than they changed the name to ‘Algoma’.
    Nothing is settled, nothing has changed.

  3. So…they have a new name ALGOMA….does this mean they can get more govt money under this new name? What about taxes owed and merchants who have not been paid…pretty monument but would rather see them pay some bills instead.

    • It might be good for someone but not when it comes to the $26 million dollars owing to the city and countless other huge unpaid debts that have killed and bankrupted several businesses that served them in good faith. We’ll see how the pensioners fare.

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