Broad support shares Krmpotich’s vision for the Sault


Today, NDP by-election candidate Joe Krmpotich issued the following open letter to Sault families on a shared vision for Sault Ste. Marie:

I’m humbled by the support and endorsements I’ve had from Saultites who may not have voted NDP in the past. We share a vision to use this week’s election to start turning things around for the Sault.

Thank you to people like lifelong community volunteer Peter Vaudry, Joe Hollywood owner Joe Giordano, and seniors advocate Melanie Mahler for your support.

Under the Conservative and Liberal governments, good jobs have been leaving the Sault for years, while the cost of living has been going up. We’ve all seen young people – our own sons, daughters, nieces and nephews – leave to build their careers, and their families elsewhere.

It’s time to revitalize our city and our local economy. It’s time for our young people to find opportunities here, and for all of us to have a more affordable life.

Let’s turn things around for the Sault so that we can all live more comfortably – and give our kids the chance to stay and raise their babies here, too.

I’ve been fighting to protect 3,000 jobs at Algoma since I started there decades years ago – and it’s time to take that fight to Queen’s Park. It’s time for the provincial government to give the Sault our fair share of job-creating investment, and to make life more affordable for families.

photo Jamie West / Facebook

I’m proud of the stand the NDP has taken:
* ​ In order to protect Algoma jobs, the NDP and I have committed to funding $4 million over 5 years for Huron Central Railway to bring itself up to new federal safety standards, stay in business and keep delivering Algoma’s products to market.

* The NDP has a plan to lower hydro rates by 30 per cent for both residents and businesses and bring Hydro One back into public hands. We’ll end policies that hurt the Sault and surrounding area like rural and northern delivery charges, and time-of-use penalties.

* We have a state of the art hospital that’s always overcrowded and caregivers are asked to do more with fewer resources. Kathleen Wynne ignores our pleas for help and tells us to be happy with what we have – but we know the Sault deserves better. Hospitals should be funded to inflation and provided with enough resources to meet the needs of northern Ontario. The NDP is committed to that, and I’ll fight for every dollar we can get.

* The NDP will extend prescription drug coverage to everyone – regardless of age or income – by creating the first universal Pharmacare program. No one should have to empty their wallet to get the medicine they need

* I’ll fight for the Ring of Fire to finally be ignited, and for the smelting plant – and the jobs and the millions of dollars in investment that come with it – to be located here.
Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have done too much damage to the Sault by cutting in our hospital, hiking our hydro bills, eliminating job-creating and job-supporting programs and abandoning our community when we needed investment.

And the Conservatives? They don’t talk about their plans because they don’t work for the Sault. They’ll let the Huron Central line die – along with hundreds of Algoma jobs. And they support a privatized Hydro One, even with its huge electricity bills.

I’ve been fighting for the Sault all my life, and I envision a future where our kids find opportunity here. I envision a Sault where seniors and retirees can afford a decent lifestyle. And I envision our community growing and prospering again.

On Thursday, join me to start turning things around for us all.


  1. Maybe Jim can’t do much for us as MPP, but let’s be serious. What is Debbie going to do? More of the same old Liberal status quo? And what of Ross? It’s easy for him to complain about high hydro prices like everyone else here, but what are his solutions? What are his plans?

    Meh. I think it’s quite obvious who I’m going to vote for.

  2. No matter who gets elected on June 1…with only a year before the general election…they will not do anything for us here in the Soo.Do you think Wynne is going to listen to Ross?or Joe?. I might add that Debbie will not be at the table…the free meals are over as a Liberal.

  3. Folks, here’s my take, plain and simple. Joe is a nice guy. But Joe, the mpp, will be as effective at Queen’s Park as an un-elected you and I would be. Joe will be a member of the 3rd party, unless the liberals get annihilated, as they should be, then the ndp might, just might end up in 2nd.
    Don’t we want an MPP, who is part of the governing Party, someone who has close ties to the new Premier ? Someone who could potently be cabinet material ? Or do we want someone who will have to wait in the hallway, just like you and I, to find out what the Conservative Party is doing to save this Province ? Seriously, think about it folks. Joe will NOT be at the table. After June 1, 2017 and most definitely, won’t be after June, 2018. I, like most of you, just want what’s best for my City. Think about it before you cast your ballot. And please, do get out and vote on Thursday. Seriously !!!

    • As my city councillor for the next 16 months (assuming you carry through with your intention to retire from council), do you have any intention of cooperating with any other government or just the ones that you claim to share political viewpoints with? What’s best for our city isn’t your desire to napalm every bridge.

  4. The plan sounds nice. But regardless of the result June 1, NDP will still be an opposition party with no power. This is a lot of promises that he’ll never have to keep.

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