Brown Scrambles to Pull Anti-Worker Bill, One Week into By-Election: Liberals


PC’s attempt to quietly back-track on bill aimed at ending card-based certification
(Toronto) Patrick Brown has shown once again why Ontarians don’t know who he is or what he stands for.

Whenever Brown’s conservatives get caught, they back down and try a cover-up. Like the letter he claims he didn’t sign during the Scarborough by-election, the meeting in his caucus room he didn’t attend, and now apparently the Conservative anti-worker legislation he is pretending to not know about just one week into the Sault Ste. Marie by-election – it’s clear that Brown continues to be everything to everyone, casting doubt on how Ontarians can ever trust him as a Leader.

Under his watch, the PCs introduced Bill 83, the Fairness in Labour Relations Act, which would make it more difficult for hard working Ontarians to exercise their rights under the Labour Relations Act. For example, the proposed legislation:

– Makes it more difficult for Unions to become certified by ending card-based certification.
– Contravenes the Labour Relations Act and minimizes the authority of the Labour Relations Board
– Hurts collective bargaining and disrupts labour relations within the construction industry.
– Transfers the burden of proof to the employee instead of the employer or employers’ organization.

However, yesterday afternoon, after two days of questioning by the Ontario liberals and one week into the Sault Ste. Marie by-election, the PC’s quickly and quietly moved a motion to have this legislation withdrawn. Why would he suddenly make this move?

We know what his caucus believes. Brown’s own labour critic, John Yakabuski, has been on record multiple times calling union members “predators” (October 21, 2014), and stating that “card-based certification, which is a big concern for me” (Hansard, November 4, 2015).

With this most recent by-election cover-up, Brown needs to explain why he continues to shapeshift like a chameleon, and hide his true anti-worker beliefs that both he and his party hold dear.


  1. It seems at this point a vote for anyone is a wasted vote, they are all brain dead.
    One thing for sure though, the fiberals must go.

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