City needs fast cash for Splash Park project


The planned Splash park for Bellevue Park won’t go ahead as the City’s Canada 150 legacy project unless funds are found.

That’s the news coming out of council chambers Monday night.

Ward 2 councillor, Susan Myers said the City needs to find money and fast in order to make an application for Trillium Foundation funding.

“We need to have the cash up front to get the application moving” Myers told council.

So far only $60,000 has been committed through local fundraisers and $25,000 from the City.

With almost half of 2017 gone, Susan Myers wants to see ways in which the city can come up with some funds that will move a splash park project forward.

Myers asked staff to report back in a month and identify funding sources such as Parks reserves and possible liquidation of some of the City’s assets to find the cash.

The estimated cost of the Splash Park runs about $575,000 with Bellevue Park identified as the location. Some groups, such as the Rotary Club would prefer a downtown location such as Clergue Park.  Council voted in favour of  the Bellevue  because infrastructure is already in place, making it more affordable to locate there.

Ward 5 Councillor Frank Fata questioned if the location should be re-considered.


  1. Have to agree with the comments posted here with regards to the difficult financial situation currently facing this town. With the coffers badly depleted and services already cut elsewhere, do we really need this right now? Does council understand this can only operate during our short summer and is virtually useless the rest of the year?? Yet Ms Myers seems to think her staff will find spare cash lying around while Mr. “Seriously Folks!” Fata’s biggest concern is the location. With that kind of out-of-touch thinking, I know which 2 councilors I’d suggest be cut immediately.

  2. Since the city is basically broke it is time for Ms Myers to realize this expenditure needs to be put on hold.I am sure we can survive for another summer without a splash pad. The refurbishing of the outside of city hall needs to be postponed as well.

    • To add to that list one Councillor per ward needs to be eliminated, now.
      The city still doesn’t realize just how bad of a bind they are in.

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