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comment is one of the most read sites in the Sault and naturally, we receive a lot of comments and opinions about some of the stories we’ve published as well as other media. Here’s a few from this past week.

Shoemaker should get the Darwin Award 

Councillor Shoemaker made a resolution, Councillor Niro seconded it, to look at the city selling advertising on garbage cans as a way to make up the TWENTY SIX MILLION DOLLARS that Essar owes, YES, advertising on garbage cans!

For this he should be awarded the Darwin award, made to sit on the sidewalk in front of city hall for the summer and shine shoes, free of charge, Councillor Niro should be given honorable mention for seconding such a ridiculous idea.

We can only hope the rest of the Councillors will think long and hard before opening their mouth and suggesting anything as ridiculous as this and turning the town into the laughing stock of Ontario.

City Hall needs to get out the axe and start chopping, now, this is only going to get worse and it will be some time before it ever gets any better.

Batten down the hatches, we’re in for a rough ride.

~ Fredrick

Energy minister accuses Sault PC and NDP candidate of Mistruth

Wouldn’t the mistruth be the statement rate reduction? All’s it is is a remortgage that our kids and grandkids will pay. Green energy? Does this include the fact that Ontario residents pay for Hydro produced by green energy at way above market rates to companies that got MW contracts by donating to the liberal party? Not to mention we don’t need the power. All the excess power being produced is sold to outside of Ontario grids, mainly New York State at cut rate prices that Ontario residents also pay the difference for. OPG cutting back Hydro production because we produce to much and Ontario residents paying for the power NOT being produced. So when he talks about fair Hydro what the hell is he talking about? A Disney movie?

~ Steve Todd

It’s time to Stand up Northern Ontario

The one hundred year record of voting at the ballot box for the same political Parties for economic development has made no changes to develop our natural resources in Northern Ontario.

The people of Northern Ontario need to think about how they will for the first time vote for the new, Northern Ontario Party. The registered political Party for Northern Ontario.

The people of Northern Ontario have the power at the ballot box to stand up and elect 11 Northern Ontario Party members to the Ontario Legislature in the next election that will change northern Ontario forever and will make your vote count, and makes your vote create the changes to Northern Ontario that we need so badly.

A loud northern Ontario voice in the Ontario legislature, every day.

To stand up, proud and bold that we will never be treated like a colony, be neglected, be ignored or that our natural resources valued at more than a trillion dollars in the manufactured form be blatantly mismanaged by exporting our natural resources somewhere else to be manufactured and with it the loss of many good jobs.

I ask you to support the principles with your vote at the ballot box in the next Ontario general election.

Let’s get started, I would like to see line ups to get your membership of support to elect 11 northern Ontario members to Ontario Legislature. Line ups at the 11 Northern Ontario riding associations.

Why—we love Northern Ontario, we support a manufacturing policy that our natural resources be manufactured to finished products in Northern Ontario— to create new jobs that are needed so badly in Northern Ontario.
Thank you
for more information check out the Northern Ontario Party website.

~ Edward Deibel, North Bay



  1. I have been following the plight of your city since this began.
    Essar should have never been given the amount of rope that they were, they took total advantage of it and buried the city and many employers, businesses in their wake. They have done so much damage that things will never be the same again. They have ruined many people’s livelihood and lives and they care not. They chew up small towns like this until there is nothing left, spit them out and then move on to the next one. If they owe any taxes on anything not protected by the court, seize them.
    That is exactly how they would treat any debtors.

    Another important issue is to remove their tarnished name from your local arena the second the naming rights expire. No one needs to be reminded of how they have devastated the city every time they drive or walk by what should be your “Memorial Gardens” The former female mayor should be ashamed at selling out the citizens wanting to keep that name intact to honor the local veterans.

    Hopefully you learned a valuable lesson there and will never let that happen again, if you do the city will have to declare bankruptcy, maybe it will anyway as things are looking very grim. Real estate values will soon plunge, anyone that missed the boat on getting premium prices for their homes may not be able to sell at all now unless they reduce the price drastically to reflect the hurting economy.

    The city doesn’t realize the massive implications of what has happened and needs to get off their behinds and make the necessary cuts, whatever they may be, before it’s entirely too late.
    All the while the infrastructure is crumbling, the roads have been neglected for decades leaving little intact surface to drive on, many people damaging their vehicles on the abominable city streets full of gaping potholes.
    City Councillors would be the very first obvious cuts, you don’t need two per ward.
    Other departments can surely make do with a few less employees, at least for the time being.
    Sell off any unused city owned land.
    Defer the city hall face lift and rethink it later on (it’s a terrible looking facade anyway)

    Grasping at straws: I would have to agree that advertising on garbage cans is not the answer when the city is already so concerned about portable signs and the way they take away from the natural flow and appeal of the city, and would draw little interest from businesses at any rate. Who wants their name associated with garbage cans?

    You have a lot of work to do and things will only get worse by sitting there and procrastinating about what should be done. Start with the obvious first and hopefully things will gradually get to the point where you are making some headway.

    Good luck.

    • On one of your excellent points I totally agree. If we do not have money in the coffers to do the “regular” work a city should do….why do we need to hang on to all of the city employees? Why are they any different than any other business in tough times?Where will all these workers WITHOUT work to do going to gather for the summer?

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