Conservatives must put their plans on paper; Krmpotich


Today, NDP by-election candidate Joe Krmpotich released the following statement calling on the Progressive Conservative Party to release their complete plans for Ontario families in advance of the televised debate in Sault Ste. Marie:

The last time the Conservatives put their plans on paper they promised to privatize and sell off Hydro One and other public corporations and they said they’d fire thousands of workers. They won’t tell us what they will really do because Sault families know deeper Conservative cuts and further privatization is a bad idea for us.

New Democrats have a plan to turn things around in the Sault. We’re fighting for the things that matter to Sault families, including jobs, healthcare and a 30 per cent cut to hydro for residents and businesses. We will keep the Sault moving by investing in the Huron Central Railway and finally igniting the Ring of Fire. Our universal pharmacare plan will save businesses money while getting their employees the medicine they need.

The Conservatives need to show us their plans. Sault families deserve to know what they’re voting for on Thursday and I hope all candidates seeking office will release their plans before tonight’s debate.


  1. Voters are perhaps starting to see that there is very little difference between the Conservatives and the Liberals. We have all been waiting for an official statement indicating how the Conservatives are going to manage differently AND..effectively…but no word yet. They have spent most of this brief campaign telling us what is wrong with Wynne and the Liberals… hate to tell Ya ROSS…but we already know what is wrong with the Liberals.

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