Debbie issues a challenge to her rivals


Ontario Liberal candidate and former mayor Debbie Amaroso today issued the following debate challenge to her rival candidates:

“Gentlemen —

With the by-election officially underway, I want to reiterate my challenge to you both:

Will you join me for ten local debates?

Sault Ste. Marie voters deserve a campaign focused on local issues. They expect us to ditch the Toronto-approved talking points and really delve into how we’ll make life better for local residents.

We owe it to voters to be accessible to public scrutiny, and to contest our ideas.

I want to talk about how we’ll protect and create local jobs, and how we’ll continue to invest in public services like roads, bridges, buses, the college, the university and local healthcare.

Ross, you and your Conservative leader both have records in favour of cutting public service jobs. We should debate whether that’s right for a City like ours. I don’t believe it is, but residents deserve to hear why you think cutting public service jobs is the right choice for the Soo.

Your Conservative leader also refuses to say how he’ll reduce hydro rates or how expensive a carbon tax he plans. Liberals have been clear with our plan to reduce hydro rates by 25% on average for urban residents and even more for rural residents. I hope you’ll share an actual plan so we can have a real debate on hydro rates.

Joe, we both served on Council together and got along well. But we need to debate how you feel you’ll deliver for the Soo when it’s a majority Liberal government and the NDP is the third-place party. Aren’t we better off being at the table than across the aisle?

I’ve already RSVP’d yes to the Chamber of Commerce candidates’ forum, and I hope you will too. I’m sure another nine opportunities will arise.

Voters deserve a good, honest conversation. I’m ready for ten local debates, and I hope you gentlemen are too.


Debbie Amaroso
Ontario Liberal Candidate
Former Mayor
Sault Ste. Marie”


  1. The Liberal Candidate be it from the Sault of from Toronto is just a liberal candidate. Say what they want to hear to get elected. Make promises that have no merit or care to commit to . The Ontario Libertarian Party is a party for the people for the people. It is time to stop the constant and historical mind games being played against Ontarians and Canadians by the so called big three parties. It is time to work for the people not against them.

  2. Good idea to have debates. That would give Amaroso a chance to expand on what she accomplished during her 4 year tenure as Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie and explain why she lost the mayoral election to a not so successful present mayor. Lets get it on folks.

  3. LIBERAL CANDIDATE Debbie Amaroso’s issues concerning Seniors
    As City Councillor:

    Voted against Seniors Health Advisory Committee representing 19,000 seniors seeking relief from snow and ice in their driveways.

    At 2005 Budget ,voted to reduce increased snow removal from $500,000 to $142,650 a cut of 75%.

    In2005 budget voted to take $1.24 million from the sale of the FJ DAVY HOME TO A SPECIAL FUND
    How has it benefited seniors it did not.

    Supported taking $6.5 million from capital works project (road repair) in2005cand using that to pay for Second Line truck route ,to frantically help cover over $5 million in cost overruns.Monry that should have been used for road repair was not used for road repair in 2005.

    Pledge to give free bus rides to seniors after increasing their taxes 23.61%.

    VOTED for the Budget that gave $276,000 of taxpayers money to the Innovation Centre which didn’t present a business plan before getting it’s funding in 2005.

    IS THIS the Candidate you want to represent you at Queens Park who votes for Tax Increases?

  4. Blah, blah, blah
    How could you go against 10,000 people and sell out the Memorial Gardens?
    The pc candidate will be representing the Sault before and after the next election.

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