Disgust of City Hosting Animal Circus… Amendment to Bylaw 2012-213 Needed

letter to the editor

To Mayor Provenzano and City Council;

What kind of City do we live in here in Sault Ste. Marie?
How would you describe the type of people that live here and run the City?

I brought a resident multi signature petition to City Council in 2012 along with a STACK of hundreds (and there are hundreds more) of  DOCUMENTED animal welfare cases of abuse, neglect, starvation, torture and death of animals of every species INCLUDING DOMESTIC DOGS AND HORSES as well as Exotic Animals and Elephants in circuses from all over Canada and the USA and elsewhere, along with a long list of PROGRESSIVE CITIES WORLD WIDE THAT HAVE BANNED ANIMAL CIRCUSES.  The result for Sault Ste. Marie was Bylaw 2012-213 drawn up by the City’s legal department, which very sadly FAILED TO INCLUDE ALL ANIMALS forced to perform in Circuses.


Only a heartless, compassionless or totally ignorant of the facts Mayor and Council and Management at Essar Centre would promote or attempt to profit off of an animal circus.  So which is it?

I’m going to assume that the majority of you are ignorant of the facts that Circus life for EVERY ANIMAL is a life of suffering, torture, abuse, starvation and neglect and often death.  Please note that I am including a 60 second video for your enlightenment.

Surely you can take 60 seconds to educate yourself about the inherent suffering of animals in circuses?  Here is just a 60 second clip for you:

This is one 60 second video of circus life for animals, there are HUNDREDS OF VIDEOS AND THOUSANDS of legal documented cases of abuse and actual undercover film footage of Circus trainers abusing animals and every form of abuse and neglect of all circus animals.  EVERY CIRCUS that USES ANIMALS ABUSES ANIMALS and the one performing here is no exception.

You are blindly fooling yourselves if you think it is OK because it is dogs and horses performing in the circus coming to Sault Ste. Marie on May 26, 2017 at the Essar Centre.  I can assure you that those dogs and horses too live a life of misery in the circus, spending 96% of their time caged and chained when not performing for ignorant and/or heartless humans.  And they are not being trained with treats and praise, but tortured the same as the big elephants and exotic animals are that are mentioned in our city bylaw.

I am OUTRAGED, DISGUSTED AND SICKENED to live in a city that thinks it is OK and attempts to promote and profit off the backs of abused animals tortured to perform in ridiculous circus acts.

This letter is to implore EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU to EDUCATE yourself to the horrors of circus life for ALL ANIMALS and AMEND bylaw 2012-213 to INCLUDE ALL and ANY ANIMAL CIRCUSES from performing in Sault Ste. Marie.

If we are not a BARBARIC, HEARTLESS, IGNORANT city of people then there is no time like the present to enact change, AMEND THE BYLAW to include ANY AND ALL ANIMALS and to SPEAK UP FOR THOSE THAT CANNOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

  • Katherine G. MacRae


  1. No animal should be confined and have to perform just for entertainment!!! It’s sickening and cruel and I am ashamed that this city has allowed it to happen here .

  2. You’ve got No formal education. No first hand experience. Absolutely no clue as to what you’ve been talking about. Happy to destroy people and their lives by regurgitating the propaganda you’ve consumed.

    And so I continue to defend my friends and the industry they work in. I have experience. You don’t. I know these people and what they do. You do not. I have seen first hand how these people behave and how they treat their animals. You have not. I know these people. For the most part, I’ve known their parents and grandparents as well. The things you and others say about them is defamatory and an unfair characterization of them. You use free speech in the most obscene manner. You are judge and jury based on testimony organizations who have been proven to be making false claims and fabricating videos and other materials for the sole purpose of defaming the Circus industry. Check out the court cases they had with Ringling. RICO suit – if you’re not familiar with the term it means Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. All of the organizations you’ve cited are just that – Corrupt Organizations who have never done anything or spent so much as 5 cents to better the life of any living thing on earth.

    You’ve got a real talent for copy and pasting the garbage put out by these one-sided fundraising companies. Again, I’m saying to you and to everyone here. Katherine MacRae has no credibility. You pass yourself off as an authority and I say you’re a fake You prove over and over and over that you have never interacted with any animals beyond a dog, cat or parrot. You know nothing about actual animal welfare, behavior or conservation. No formal education in biology, animal husbandry, behavior sciences or anything related to the care of animals.

    The only thing you’ve shown to be good at is consuming propaganda that has been proven (see below) to be altered, false or just plain irrelevant to the conversation. You’re perfectly willing to stomp on other people’s lives and beliefs for the sake of satisfying your feelings. You’ll spend hours blabbing this gibberish all over the internet but never spend 5 seconds to actually interact with animals or read a real book. There’s no way you have the animal’s best interests at heart because you know nothing about them. Nothing.

    Why not put your energy towards an actual problem? World Hunger? War? Illiteracy would be an excellent place to start. Teach people to use the internet and libraries to sort our fact and fiction. Oh, but it must be true! I read it on the internet. How about doing something useful with your life? You may be more suited to agriculture? Or perhaps you could read to the blind?

    It’s not enough to read one side of the argument. Have you ever looked up these organizations or looked at their financial reports – which by the way are public since they portray themselves as charities. These organizations have one purpose – fund raising. And they use people like you to spread their propaganda. They count on the fact that you’ll never consider another opinion and that you’ll continue to beat down doors to be heard. They count on the fact that people with no useful skills compensate by persistently raising issues. You’ve decided you can change world with the CAPS LOCK key turned on.

    Here is my major concern for all of us. This subject is based on convincing people that an ideology is more important than facts. You say “I’m offended by XYZ”. Therefore we must pass legislation to ban XYZ. Someone’s feelings are hurt because a word was used. We have to remove that word from the dictionary and admonish those who use it.

    Since we’re copy and pasting, I’ll repeat some of Jonathan’s post from yesterday:

    1. Exactly why is video from circuses outside the USA, circuses that are likely poorly operated, being used as a broad brush of the circus industry? If this is the standard as to how we judge any industry or people, then should the infamous Rodney King video prompt us to end policing? How about the infamous Mayor Marion Barry of Washington, DC being caught doing drugs, she we end all manner of Gov’t ? Perhaps, the many clergy who’ve abused children? Shall we disband all religious activity?

    2. Why is it that animal rights has never been successful in the court of law? Why did the ASPCA and Humane Society have to pay Ringling Bros. a collective $25 million in a RICO suit, after litigating for 14 years in a trial the federal judge called, “groundless…frivolous…and vexatious…”? Why did the animal rights groups who sued Ringling and lost, pay their star plaintiff $190,000.00 for his testimony? Why did the ASPCA’s veterinarian Pam Corey concede to being pressured to lie about the death of a carriage horse in NYC?

    3. WTF does the media give space to such a discredited movement?

    The author of this letter, like everyone who adheres to her deeply disturbed manner of thinking is an arrogant elitist without a hint of understanding or experience for or with animals or the people who have committed their very lives to them.

    Please feel free to post as many videos and other nonsense from PETA and the other extremist organizations you represent. How about an original thought? How about telling us something that you actually know – from education or first hand experience? On the subject of animals, you can’t because you are a fake. A lecturer on a quest to change the world. A blogger with the caps lock key jammed down. If only you could use that energy to actually make a difference. You’re a fraud and you know it. People like you are not what the world needs. You and the people who follow your extremists movement are a stain on social evolution and a disgrace to the human spirit.

    • WOW. That’s quite a put down for Katherine. Actually you know nothing about her, No formal education? Are you kidding me? This women has far more intelligence than these lying posters do I assure you.

      I’ve been reading the outrageous comments and am amazed at their audacity.

      “Circuses and circus trainers are the true stewards of endangered species.” You have got to be kidding me. Yes I am calling the person who said this a liar. The people who fight for and try to protect endangered species are certainly not circuses and their trainers. People who dedicate their lives to helping animals are not in it for the money and the profits which come from circuses and their outrageous prices for cheap entertainment at the expense of animals.

      • Yes, Karen and I’ll stick by it. No formal education – meaning no actual knowledge of animal science, biology, behaviour, management or conservation. What you all have is “Ideology”. You’re all passionate about your ideology and seem hell-bent on forcing it on the rest of the world. My objection is, ideology is no knowledge and the animal rights extremists movement is not based on fact. Rather it is a style of putting out inflammatory and false statements to gain attention for the purposes of raising funds under false pretenses.
        You can not dictate your lifestyle and ideology on other people. It’s immoral.
        So, yes, a person can be intelligent and still be ignorant and uninformed. Katherine and the other PETAphile extremists in the world have latched onto the falsehoods (proven in court to be false and adjudicated by the courts to be false). And spread these falsehoods under the guise of being an ‘authority’. How can you be an authority on something when you’ve never spent 5 seconds doing real study and research? Reading and repeating the gibberish and nonsense from the PETA website does not make you an authority. And those people who do this are frauds.
        So again: No formal education (on this or any remotely related subject). No first hand experience. Absolutely no clue as to what you’ve been talking about. Willing to defame and destroy other people’s lives with lies and innuendo.
        But, hey! Congratulations. You guys have convinced a portion of an entire generation to follow you. They’ve now learned that it’s easier to just buy into the cult than to actually do the work and learn the facts. Facts just don’t matter anymore – too much work. Your movement is dangerous and destructive – convincing people that ideology is more important than facts is dangerous and destructive.

        • First of all I have no affiliation with any extreme animal rights group. all of my life I have cared for animals and for the last 40 years have devoted time and energy into helping injured wildlife. I have never asked or received any money. I do it because I love animals. One thing I do know is that no wild animal enjoys being caged even if it is just necessary for their health treatment. To think of wild exotic animals spending their entire lives in cages, travelling hundreds of miles in transport trucks and forced to perform tricks which they would never choose to do in the wild is torture for them. Plain and simple. Wild animals do not belong in circuses…ever

          • I’m glad you don’t align yourself with these groups. But get ready for a shocker when they come after you. They don’t want you taking care of injured wildlife – that’s a massive interference with nature. Do you have a pet dog or cat? They want that to end as well. And their not kidding around – that really is what they want. No pets, no farms no veterinary medicine. So, the show that is coming to Sault Ste-Marie had riding horses and a dog. Does that warrant an all-out protest? Really? Riding horses and a dog has sent this woman running to the city council with a petition to end this “disgusting” practice. I’ve a feeling the farmers and horse enthusiasts in Canada would beg to differ.
            At least you’ve had your hands in it and know what you’re talking about. And I applaud you for your devotion to animal conservation. Thank you for getting in on the discussion.

  3. Once again extreme animal rights organizations are using video footage that doesn’t go along with the situation. This video is from India and is probably several decades old. Do you people not trust the government agencies that have gone overboard to try to appease everyone by putting such strict guidelines on American circuses, zoos, and other organizations that have animals. They are governed so tightly and watched over so closely that there is no way abuse can go undetected. By stopping the animal exhibits you not only hurt the generations of good people that bond with their animals, you also hurt the millions of children that will never learn of a bond so great. They will never be able to see animals in person and you will eventually destroy animals all together ecause the animals will have no place to go. With all of their natural habitat being destroyed and animals going extinct we have an obligation to take care of the magnificent creatures which includes the bond that you see in the circuses. I know first hand and there for will not be taken in by these radical people that take old footage from other countries and try to make it look like that is happening here in the U.S. USDA makes sure this doesn’t happen. People in the US are regulated. Believe me if USDS sees abuse they will take care of it. We don’t need terrorist organizations like some of these animal activist organizations to tell our government agencies their job. Look at the facts not the doctored reports from years ago. Let’s let the children have their experience. And quit trying to destroy the lives of animals and their Caretakers. The people I know with animals live then and care for them and if you had any clue you would see this also.

    • To say that children will”never see a bond so great” and will never be able to see animals ” in person” is quite the statement. When children go to the circus, they are not learning anything about what animals are really like. All they see are the animals doing stupid tricks that they would never do in the wild. These acts are very misleading to kids. this is not the way to truly learn about what animals are really like. There are many nature documentaries out there that show animals in their natural habitat. THIS is what children should see. They will learn what animals are really like and hopefully learn, as they grow, to respect all animals.

  4. What a load of crap. Entitled extremists with nothing better to do than come forward with lies and half (at best) truths to promote an agenda. Kudos to Leigh for challenging these dimwits who cry crocodile tears.

  5. Every animal welfare organization in the world is trying to stop animal circuses for good reason.

    The list is long and growing of cities and municipalities WORLD WIDE that have banned animal circuses.
    One does not have to search far either to see dozens of videos of abusive circus animal ‘training’ and captive breeding and baby elephant abuse spirit breaking torture, as well as other circus animals horribly and cruelly mistreated.

    The documented cases of animal abuse in the circus is endless as well.

    The public can look on the internet themselves to see endless sickening videos of circus trainers beating and abusing animals. The facts speak for themselves. And contrary to Leigh Ketchum, elephants do not naturally walk on their hind legs, nor do horses and dogs and tigers, as well as all animals most certainly do fear fire.

    No one is trying to stop you from having a circus….go jump through some fire hoops yourself, just leave the animals out of it.

  6. WORLD WIDE ANIMAL CIRCUS BANS (Because the people that care about animals are lying and the people profiting off of the animals broken backs treat them with love and respect….righttttttt)

    Austria: Nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.
    Belgium: Nationwide ban on the use of most wild animals in circuses (Parrots and camel are classed as domestic)
    Bosnia and Herzegovina: Nationwide ban on all animals in circuses
    Bulgaria: Nationwide ban on certain wild animal species in circuses, variety shows and other entertainment facilities
    Croatia: Nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses
    Czech Republic: Nationwide ban on the use of certain species in circuses
    Cyprus: Nationwide ban on all animals in circuses
    Denmark: Nationwide ban on the use of certain species in circuses
    Estonia: Nationwide ban on the use of wild-born animals in circuses
    Finland: Nationwide ban on the use of certain species in circuses
    France: Local bans in more than 30 cities
    Greece: Nationwide ban on all animals in circuses
    Hungary: Nationwide ban on the use of wild caught animals in circuses, the purchase and training of elephants and primates for circus performances and the purchase, training and use of CITES (Appendix 1) listed species in circuses
    Ireland: Local bans on the use of animals in circuses in Drogheda, Dublin, Fingal, Galway City, Kildare, Monaghan, Moyle, South Dublin and Waterford
    Latvia: Nationwide restrictions effectively banning use of wild-caught animals
    Malta: Nationwide ban on all animals for performances, exhibitions, shows or training for the circus
    The Netherlands: Nationwide ban on the use and transport of animals in circuses, with exemptions for certain, mostly domestic, species
    Norway: Use of wild species effectively banned nationwide – positive list of permitted animals only includes domestic animals (apart from camels)
    Poland: Nationwide ban on the use of wild-born animals in circuses
    Portugal: Nationwide ban restricting the use of great apes in circuses and the acquisition and breeding of CITES listed species
    Slovenia: Nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses
    Spain: Local bans on the use of wild animals in circuses in many towns and cities including Barcelona
    Sweden: Nationwide ban on the use of certain species in circuses
    UK: Over 200 local authorities have bans on animal circuses (more than two thirds of these ban all performing animals, the remainder ban just wild animals). A commitment to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in England, Scotland and Wales is yet to be enacted
    USA: 125 partial or full bans on circus animals in U.S. based jurisdictions across 34 states
    Canada: Local bans on the use of animals in circuses in 28 municipal jurisdictions
    Argentina: Local bans on the use of wild animals in circuses in over 20 cities including a ban in the city of Buenos Aires
    Bolivia: Nationwide ban on the use of wild and domestic animals in circuses
    Brazil: Local bans on the use of wild and domestic animals in circuses in the districts of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Pernambuco, Paraiba, Rio Grande do Sul, Espiritu Santo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Alagoas and a number of bans in cities within another four Brazilian states
    Chile: Local bans on the use of wild and domestic animals in circuses in the city of Santiago
    Colombia: Nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses; Local ban on the use of animals in circuses in the capital, Bogota
    Costa Rica: Nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.
    Ecuador: Nationwide ban on the use of native wild animals; restrictions on the use of exotic animals; ban on the import of both native and exotic wild animals with circuses
    El Salvador: Nationwide ban on the “Income, use or abuse of wildlife species in all kinds of entertainment”
    Mexico:Nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses
    Panama:Nationwide ban prohibiting “entry of wild animals for use in static and travelling circuses and similar shows”
    Paraguay: Nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.
    Peru: Nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses as well as a local ban on all animals in Magdalena del Mar
    Australia: Local bans on the use of animals in circuses in several towns including Hobsons Bay, Surf Coast Shire, Parramata and Lismore
    India: Nationwide ban on the use of certain species in circuses
    Iran: Use of wild animals in circuses effectively banned nationwide (no permits issued)
    Israel: Nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses
    Singapore: Nationwide ban on the use of wild animals in circuses
    Taiwan: Nationwide prohibition on the import or export of protected wildlife for circuses

    Information courtesy of ADI and the HSUS, MAY 2017

  7. This entire article is misleading propaganda put out by animal-extinctionists who want every animal to roam free in the mytical “wild”.
    Animals in captivity are well taken care of. They are an asset to the circus and loved by their keepers who spend day and night with them.

  8. I enjoy the human animal bond as do most of your readers. I find it extreme and elitist to think that your letter writer feels only she can properly care for and bond with animals. It is a form of cultural racism. Circuses are an easy target because they are transient. If you feel so strongly about “abuse” why aren’t you protesting outside your local Walmart which is full of dead animals? Not so such an easy target. Let us not forget our history. The Nazis started with the gypsies.

  9. To Sault Online,
    So Katherine G. MacRae is an expert in animal husbandry? None. What are her credentials? None. Her letter is filled with nothing more than animal rights cult propaganda. Slandering a circus she has never even seen while attempting to damage the reputation of federally licensed responsible animal professionals. Yes licensed, regulated and subject to unannounced inspections by state and federal agencies. The animal rights cult ideology is based on opinions and emotion, not facts and science and they are a very vocal MINORITY. It’s a fact that 96% of the public wants to see and learn about animals on an up close and personal level. Visiting a circus or a zoo provides this opportunity. If you love animals then support these venues and witness animals thriving and living in loving human care. Please allow the majority to make their own decision to enjoy the animals. They won’t be disappointed.

  10. It’s amazing to me, how people who have never worked on a circus, have no education in animal sciences suddenly become experts on animals in entertainment after a few out-of-context, edited You-Tube videos. The AR movement is a cult. It’s obvious the person who penned this letter is simply repeating AR rhetoric. There is nothing in this letter, that we, in the industry have not heard nor seen before. Thank you for disregarding this so-called plea. It’s utter nonsense and you know it. Thank you Mayor and City Council. You have given the choice to your citizens to attend forms of entertainment with animals, or not. That’s where the choice should reside, with your citizens, not some half-crazed, extremists who no nothing about what they are talking about. Bravo to you all!!!

  11. An animal performing in the circus does not equal abuse just like owning a pet does not equal abuse. AR extremist want all human / animal interaction ended and they make no secret of this. These extremists found out long ago that they could use the internet to spread lies about performing animals. They use photo’s ( usually altered ) to further their cause, and by this, I mean raise money that goes into their pockets. These radical groups are accountable to no one as to where the money goes but they need a “Poster Object ” to publicize in order to raise that money. The videos they post are also always misleading and found to be edited. The video offered here is not even from the USA.
    These groups are also against meat consumption as well as milk and eggs and, oh ya, farmers in general. They don’t approve of hunting or fishing either 2 major Canadian industries.
    Do your research on these radical groups before you jump on their bandwagon. They are nothing more than new age con artists and the petitions they usually produce are as bogus as they are.

  12. While animal rights extremists always claim to have video “evidence”, this is the perfect example of why in reality it is #fakenews. This video is from India and has no bearing on US circuses or the treatment animals receive in modern circuses. Antiquated activist videos are secretly taken, never submitted to the authorities, selectively edited and manipulated, never released in their raw forms, and are are only used as fundraising tools for the extremists groups who want to remove all animals from our lives. If they really had proof of abuse, they could immediately and confidentially turn it into authorities and have the trainer arrested. They don’t because they don’t have anything until their video manipulation teams get to work. Not only are these claims ridiculous, but they are constantly proven false both in court and with frequent surprise inspections by regulatory agencies from the federal, state, and local levels. (HSUS, ASPCA, and other animal rights extremists groups had to hire “essentially a paid plaintiff” to lie in court when they claimed animal abuse in the circus, and ended up having to pay the circus $25 Million as a result.)

    The truth about animals in the circus is that they live longer, healthier, happier lives than their “wild” counterparts. This is due to the constant care and attention they receive. Mental stimulation, physical exercise that allows them to be Olympic athletes of their species, and 24 hour care are the hallmarks of good husbandry. The oldest elephant in North America is a circus elephant who flourishes because she’s active and has the best care! Moreover, performing animals of all kind teach people to care. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a cliche because it is all too true. How many of you have heard of the plight of the critically endangered Pangolin? Not many. But everyone knows elephants and tigers need out help! That is precisely because they are accessible to the public. Circuses are the cornerstone of fostering the human-animal bond. Most people will never be able to fly to Africa or Asia, and many don’t live near enough to a zoo or can’t afford their expensive admission fees. A $10-$30 circus ticket is accessible to nearly everyone and happens in your own neighborhood, reaching audiences that otherwise might never know the majesty of an elephant or the gracefulness of a tiger. Oh, and let us not forget that circus animals provide valuable access to samples and behavioral research that has far-reaching impacts on conservation activities of dwindling “wild” populations. In that way, trained animals are helping to save their wild counterparts. If that wasn’t enough, ONE circus (Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey) has contributed more to elephant conservation programs around the globe than every single animal rights extremist group, perhaps even all of them combined.

    Circuses and circus trainers are the true stewards of endangered species. Listen to the experts, not the profiteering animal rights extremists.

  13. It is terribly exhausting to defend an industry and its work against determined and well funded stupidity. The fact that those who actually work alongside these animals – raising, feeding, caring, training, etc., must even dignify such nonsense is reprehensible. It is no wonder that the Nazis were avid animal rights zealots.
    A few points:

    1. Exactly why is video from circuses outside the USA, circuses that are likely poorly operated, being used as a broad brush of the circus industry? If this is the standard as to how we judge any industry or people, then should the infamous Rodney King video prompt us to end policing? How about the infamous Mayor Marion Barry of Washington, DC being caught doing drugs, she we end all manner of Gov’t ? Perhaps, the many clergy who’ve abused children? Shall we disband all religious activity?

    2. Why is it that animal rights has never been successful in the court of law? Why did the ASPCA and Humane Society have to pay Ringling Bros. a collective $25 million in a RICO suit, after litigating for 14 years in a trial the federal judge called, “groundless…frivolous…and vexatious…”? Wh did the animal rights groups who sued Ringling and lost, pay their star plaintiff $190,000.00 for his testimony? Why did the ASPCA’s veterinarian Pam Corey concede to being pressured to lie about the death of a carriage horse in NYC?

    3. WTF does the media give space to such a discredited movement?

    The author of this letter, like everyone who adheres to her deeply disturbed manner of thinking is an arrogant elitist without a hint of understanding or experience for or with animals or the people who have committed their very lives to them.

  14. And by the way Leigh Ketchum, while you are raising money to fill your own pockets off the backs of mistreared circus animals, the only thing I’m raising is the behind the scenes circus curtains to expose the harsh reality of the LIFE OF MISERY FOR ALL CIRCUS ANIMALS.

      • The thing is Leigh Ketchum you can only hide from the truth for so long.

        And coming from a guy who was quoted in 2012 saying:

        “There was a time you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Wallenda”

        It’s obvious you hold no compassion for any animals and will do and say whatever lies you can concoct to attempt to justify and rationalize that you made a career and lifestyle off of the backs of long suffering animals.

        The fact that you may be retired now does not change the fact of the abuse of circus animals, and at least in this city along with many more, animal circuses will become a thing of the past. A dark past to be sure, as you can only keep people in the dark for so long about what really goes on behind the scenes and the truth will and has been shown that no animal belongs in a circus.

        • Katherine, this has now become hilarious. First, I’m not retired. Second, the quote is true, I absolutely said that. It’s an expression and only a glitter colossal idiot would interpret that as the words of an animal abuser. My career was and continues to be based on my own hard work and abilities.
          You can try to skew this any way you want. I’ve got no dark secrets or sordid past – my life remains an open book. I work hard for what I have. I’m a happy person with no envy of any other man on Earth.
          And, again you go on quoting the garbage you’ve read in PETA pamphlets. It’s really so boring and ignorant. You want to talk about the concocted lies? Just have a look at the Animal Rights movement. Behind the scenes? How about the 2,000 animals PETA euthanized in their “rescue” facilities? Yes, out of over 2,000 animals taken in they found a home for 1 cat. How do you justify their agenda?

  15. Let me remind the readers and the public that a circus can change it’s name but a record of cruelty exists if one chooses to look for it, and you Leigh Ketchum no nothing about my knowledge, education or personal experience with animals in or out of the circus!

    Unlike yourself Leigh Ketchum and Michael Riley, I have no financial interest off the backs of animals forced to perform in circuses in order for you to collect a paycheck.

    Animal circuses are barbaric and should never of happened in the first place. Their days are numbered here in Sault Ste. Marie and in Canada and elsewhere in more and more progressive cities with an intelligent, educated and compassionate populace that refuses to turn a blind eye to what goes on out of site of the public eye to force animals to unnaturally perform and be held captive to a life of cruelty in your circuses.

    Yes, I encourage EVERYONE TO EDUCATE THEMSELVES about what life is really like for EVERY CIRCUS ANIMAL and exactly HOW TRAINERS use force, fear, starvation and torture and neglect as a method of training animals to perform unnatural circus acts and how and where circus animals are kept and transported.

    No animal belongs or deserves to be forced to perform ridiculous tricks for ignorant and/or heartless humans beings in the name of so called ‘entertainment” and be forced to live in trailers and cages for the rest of the time when they are not performing. A lifetime of misery for them for a few minutes of so called ‘entertainment’ for an unwitting circus audience needs to be exposed for what it is: unnecessary, inhumane, heartless and cruel, with no place in today’s world.

    The long list of recorded and DOCUMENTED abuse of circus animals is ENDLESS. Any intelligent human being with an ounce of compassion can understand that by it’s very nature the circus is a cruel and miserable place for any animal.

    Here is another tidbit for the readers:

    By Venus Zarris
    On April 6, 2012, the George Carden Circus Spectacular sets up its three rings of abuse at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates. Circus Spectacular features elephants subjected to such terrible conditions and treatment that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has cited them on several occasions. The PETA fact sheet on George Carden Circus International (http://www.mediapeta.com/peta/pdf/George-Carden-Circus-pdf.pdf) reports cited abuse from the USDA starting in 1991 and as recently as last year. It is clear and common knowledge that animals traveling with circuses are abused to make them “perform” and live an unnatural life of mistreatment, neglect and confinement.

    I encourage every human being to use their mind to educate themselves and think and feel and act to do what is right and not enforce or condone cruelty to any animal by supporting any animal circus as they need to become a thing of the past with their dark history and an audience they desperately try to keep in the dark.

    Feel free Leigh Ketchum and Michael Riley to don a costume yourself, get stung with a whip or electrode, walk on your hands, jump through hoops of fire and live in an empty dirty trailer without food or water for extended hours on end in a cage for 11 months of the year and I’ll gladly buy popcorn and a ticket to laugh at your performance.

  16. To Sault Online and readers,

    I am writing in hopes that some perspective may be brought to the discussion at hand: animals as part of live entertainment. Let me begin by stating that there is a disturbing trend in media of printing what some would say is ‘expert testimony’ from those who are by no means in any position to be called an expert. I’ll applaud anyone who has an opinion. But I will remind you that your opinion should be based on some sort of experience or facts.

    My background. I am currently the President of the Showfolks Of Sarasota. I have spent the better part of the past 40+ years actively involved in the Circus industry. Most of that time has been spent on tour with shows throughout the United States. Let me make this very clear to all: I know these people. I have lived with them. I have worked with them. I know how they treat their animals. I know how they treat their children. I know exactly what kind of people they are.

    To address the writers questions about travel and another’s despair over showtimes and frequency. For every inch that I have travelled with the Circus, my dogs have been by my side. They have never been caged. They have always lived in my RV. They sleep on my bed. We have gone for swims in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Of Mexico. We have been for long walks in parks and for care-free runs in countless fields and Fairgrounds. When we travel, they are in the vehicle with me. Other’s have specialized trailers for travel – I did not. When I had animals that performed, they always did so with glee and willingly. As far as animals being confined for travel – being in a vehicle of any sort, train, plane or automobile is by definition confinement. So, Erin, my ‘doggo’s’ have always been with me and have never indicated unhappiness or a desire to stop traveling.
    To Linda who is “nauseous” from looking at this show’s schedule. Seriously? An animal (or a human) works for a total of 10 minutes in any given performance. 3 performances = 30 minutes. Shows are typically 90 minutes long. A three show day means we are obligated to 4.5 hours. Do you work more hours than that? If you have a job, I’m sure you do. Life with the Circus is not the terrible thing that is being portrayed here.

    Unfortunately, so-called animal rights organizations have served up decades of propaganda and systematically indoctrinated a couple of generations of children into their ideology. And this is what makes them so dangerous. Teaching children that ideology is more important than facts is destructive and abusive. Representing yourself as something of an expert, when you have no frame of reference other than the propaganda put out by one of the worlds largest fund raising organizations is wrong.

    Katherine G. MacRae has the following qualifications listed on her bio:

    President of the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce 2008-2009
ATHENA Award Recipient 2008
    Success Strategies Writer
    Graduate of the Coachville Graduate School of Coaching
    Former Board Member of The Sault Ste. Marie Airport Development Corporation (7 years)
    Former Chair of The Multi Modal Transportation Committee in Sault Ste. Marie (3 years)
    Leadership Development Trainer, Program Developer and Corporate Coach & Trainer
    Trainer/Facilitator of the Manufacturing Leadership Certificate Program delivered by Sault College
    Graduate of Business Management & Marketing, Columbia College, Calgary, Alberta
    Former Licenced (sp) Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

    Katherine G. MacRae has not spent a microsecond at a desk in a classroom learning about biology, animal behavior or anything else that would qualify her to dictate to you or I how animals should be treated. Her only frame of reference is videos and pamphlets handed out by organizations who seek to raise funds in the name of “Animal Rights”. In reality, these organizations spend less than 1% of the money they raise to benefit animals. The largest of them simply euthanizes the animals that are brought to their shelters. The other 2nd largest keeps tens of millions of dollars in off-shore accounts to benefit their executives.

    Ideology in the absence of fact is a very dangerous and destructive force in our modern day world. We now have terms like “Fake News” and “Alternative Facts” because of this. The Animal Rights movement is yet another of these. Their sole purpose is to raise money. They have never spent a nickel or taken 1 minute to make the life of an animal any better. They’ve achieved two goals: Raising hundreds of millions of dollars and convincing children that the Circus is an evil and archaic tradition that must be destroyed.

    Bri, you’ve got it right. Listen to people’s opinion. Do the research and make an informed conclulsion. Never take on an ideology that is void of facts. And never get sucked into one of these fund raising scams. Be more vigilant and educate yourself before you hand money over to a self-proclaimed do-gooder.

    Leigh Ketchum
President, The Showfolks Of Sarasota
Sarasota, Florida

    • Good for you Leigh Ketchum. I’m glad you are ethical and had fun with your show animals. Can you vouch for the Super Spectacular Circus coming to our town??? How do you know the animals only perform for 10 minutes? Did you have gas powered loud motorbikes as part of your performances too? If you are not aware of the specifics here. it is a mute point how you treated your animals. You are just muddying the waters more.
      Sorry, but I’m still NAUSEOUS over the schedule! Also appalled the way the online schedule page is manipulated to look like a ‘real’ month long calendar, with empty boxes between show dates that appear to look like days off in the month. Looking closer you will note the dates are all in a row, it is misleading at best. And I would further say it is misleading by design.

      I’m not a PETA bleeding-heart, I just have common sense. Guess what? Circus’s are “an evil and archaic tradition that must be destroyed” Even the biggest show on earth, Ringling Brothers- called it quits this year after 146 years!! (Thank God!)

      Again, I encourage anyone to have a look at the sched and decide for themselves if this is fair and ethical, and worth a ticket, or shady as all hell: http://www.supercircusspectacular.com/tour-dates

      • Linda, Yes I can vouch for the people who make up Super Circus. I know every single one of them. And in many cases, I know their parents, grandparents and most of their extended families. I can tell you that they are great people with remarkable qualities. They are good parents. They are good spouses and they take enormous pride in their craft. Those who have animals treat them as if they were part of their family. These are people with the highest of ethical standards. Not a single one of them deserves to be judged by strangers in this way.
        I do know that they perform for 10 minutes (or less) because for the past 40 years I’ve worked with hundreds of these acts and never knew one to go over 10 minutes. On that, I can speak to you as an expert. So my point is not ‘mute’.
        I can not guess as to the source of your nausea. The page you reference is not a calendar – it’s even titled “Tour Dates”. It is a list of the dates the show will perform in Ontario. There are no performances on the 29th or the 12th. It appears fairly simple to read to me the others I’ve asked . So far you are the only one who is unable to understand it.

      • Katherine, FYI George Carden Circus – totally different show – not the one that is coming to Essar Centre.

        Every word you say is just a repeat of what is written in PETA flyers and Animal Rights extremists websites. You’re a very loud parrot. The perfect PETA spokesperson – never questioning whether what you say is actually true.

        The PETA fact sheet is so full of lies and exaggerations. Do you not realize that they are just wanting money? Do you not realize that they invent inflammatory stories to get more donations? You talk about us making a living from this? How about you and the rest of the AR community. You’ve managed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars and helped zero animals; done nothing to better the lives of anyone or anything. You’ve been duped into believing that an ideology is more important than facts.

        Do you also believe that Bees are slaves? Or that Chickens are treated like the Jews in concentration camps? That’s what PETA says. Do you believe people should have pets? PETA thinks not and wants to do away with animal ownership altogether. No horses to ride, no dogs, no cats…. They even want to do away with veterinary medicine. Do the people in Sault Ste Marie know that you want them to all become vegans?

        You have zero experience or education on the matter. You have no credibility on this subject. Your most practiced skill is making a lot of noise and regurgitating propaganda to further an extremist movement. I know everything I ever need to know about you. I’ve met scores of people like you. Unbending, unyielding, stubborn and frigid.

        You just can’t keep doing this. You can’t just keep repeating the misinformation and biased propaganda as though it were gospel truth. You can not just stomp on other people because you have a belief or a feeling. What you do is immoral. What you do benefits no one and if anything is harmful to the animals you think you are saving.

        Nobody’s asking you to change your mind. I’m suggesting, though, that you might be better off basing your ideology on verifiable facts. And by verifiable, I mean find another source for your information that’s not backed by one of the world’s biggest fund raising machines.

        And, I can not stress this enough, you have no right to force your beliefs on people who you do not know and with information that is false and misleading. What you do is immoral.

  17. Hi Sault Online, I’m one of the digital marketing directors for the Super Circus Spectacular tour of Canada.

    Just a few points I wanted to address.

    -This “letter” is highly misleading and defamatory.

    – Not a single clip in the video displayed is of the Super Circus Spectacular production. (Note all clips are from circuses in India)

    – It states animals spend 96% of there time in cages. This is false. The Super Circus Spectacular tour does NOT currently have any caged or exotic animals.

    While the super Circus Super Circus Spectacular supports all well run and regulated circuses with exotic and/or domestic animals.

    The show features only domestic dogs and horses.

    A point I would like to make very clear.

    The circus follows incredibly strict codes of practice and are under government regulation, with frequent and random inspections undertaken of our animal associates.

    Had any volition taken place, we simply would have no animals or licenses.

    Animals are expensive to keep and are within our very best interests to look after.

    We believe it is imperative, that public media outlets ensure the content they distribute is of taste and of 100% fact. Allowing defamatory content can in some cases be illegal.

    The ticket sales in Sault Ste. Marie have been amazing and the support we see is very humbling.

    Thank you,
    Michael Riley,

    Digital Marketing Director.


    • Michael Riley, do you travel with the show? Or, do you just sit at a computer making tacky posters for it? The schedule you post on your own website is designed in a way to mislead and look like there are blocks of days off, and there isn’t! Are you ok with that as the Digital Marketing Director???
      Yes, I’m sure you are.
      As the the booker at Essar Centre, give your head a shake, this is a bad call. Don’t be complicit in profiting off of innocent animals by booking stuff like this!

      • Wow Linda! So now you are not just an animal behaviour expert but also a graphic designer? I doubt that since apparently you’re barely able to read a calendar. What kind of education do you have? What’s your degree in? How about giving us your real name so we can check your credentials?

        • Also I’m super curious to what you mean by designing the website to mislead?

          It’s supposed to make the shedual super clear lol.

          If you think it’s some how altered to brain wash you then your little mistaken.

          If you want. Just go buy the same template and see the settings are exactly the same lol.

          Why do you keep commenting on crap you don’t understand or know….

          Your looking for any tiny small thing that wrong but the only thing wrong is you..

      • Linda, Your response is so stupid I actually laughed!

        It’s funny how you have to attack ones personal job or career to get that little ego trip.

    • All circus ABUSE animals….that is how they get them to do unnatural and painful acts. The 60 second clip was chosen BECAUSE IT IS ONLY 60 SECONDS. There are literally THOUSANDS OF VIDEOS AND EVEN MORE DOCUMENTED CASES OF ANIMAL ABUSE.

      Where the video was filmed is irrelevant….ALL CIRCUSES WITH ANIMALS TRAIN THEM WITH TORTURE, FEAR AND DEPRIVATION TACTICS. Take some time to do your own research and just THINK about it for a while.

      The point isn’t where the video was filmed…the point is that NO ANIMAL BELONGS IN A CIRCUS, PERIOD!

  18. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video, an animal circus is 2017 is sick! Don’t bring your kids to this, don’t do it!!
    Don’t support it.
    Don’t exploit animals for profit!
    Just don’t!
    History will side with those of us who are disgusted by this.
    Be on the right side of history.

  19. Very well written Katherine. Circus animals live terrible, cruel lives. As you mentioned, they are not trained with love and affection, but rather by fear and torture. It is time that humans stopped using animals for our personal entertainment. By taking young children to circuses where animals perform, we are teaching them that it is okay to use animals in any way we choose. They only see the animals doing cute tricks, they do not see the abuse that goes on behind the scenes . They in turn will grow up to be, as many people are, totally oblivious to the pain and suffering that these poor animals go through in order to put on a show. Hopefully City Council will amend this bylaw so that at least we, in Sault Ste. Marie. can say that we do not support animal cruelty.

    • If I go to the circus Ted Goldstein that would be my CHOICE. Animals that are captured and tortured to perform and live a miserable life in a travelling circus do not have a choice. But people have a choice as to whether or not the abuse of animals just to perform unnatural acts and live in non temperature controlled travel trailers and endure a lifetime of cruelty for you to be ‘entertained’ by this for a few minutes is YOUR CHOICE. You either CONDONE ANIMAL CONFINEMENT AND CRUELTY BY SUPPORTING CIRCUSES WITH YOUR MONEY AND/OR ATTENDANCE OR YOU DON’T.

      I choose to affect change for a kinder, more compassionate world myself.

      • Give me some examples of current circus animals in the USA who were “captured”. These animals are born and bred from parents who were born & bred in the USA.
        #FakeNews is when you use statements that are obvious lies to further your narrative.

        • Oh like the Ringling brother elephant breeding and baby elephant torture facility in the USA?

          Go ahead and tell us Karen Hulvey how elephants are ‘trained’ and the methods used to break their spirits.

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