Fact Check: Patrick Brown either doesn’t know his facts or he’s being deliberately untruthful: Amaroso


Today, Conservative leader Patrick Brown made false claims about the 2017 balanced budget.

Contrary to Mr Brown’s false claims, baseline funding at the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines is actually $30-million higher than last year. This means even more investment than before in northern highways, the ONTC, mineral development and more. As always, our government also remains committed to full funding of the $100-million Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation to help create jobs and grow the Northern economy. We also remain committed to the development of the Ring of Fire, including our commitment to invest up to $1 billion in strategic transportation infrastructure in the Ring of Fire.

The change seen in this year’s overall budget is due to the fact that the Ministry undertook $100 million worth of one-time, unanticipated mine site rehabilitation last year to help protect the environment. Given that this additional mine rehabilitation work was completed in 2016, similar funding is not anticipated to be required during this fiscal year. Mr Brown insists he values fiscal discipline, yet it would appear he is advocating continuing to fund a mine clean-up that has already been cleaned up — or else he’s deliberately seeking to misinform voters.

More broadly, funding of some of our most important programs for Northern Ontario saw an increase over last year. We are making travel in general safer and travel for health care more affordable for Northern Ontarians. Northerners will benefit from substantial improvements in their roadways this summer as highway funding in this year’s Budget is almost $650 million, up from $540 million last year. We also continue to expand the Northern Health Travel Program through a further $10 million investment that will help northern patients with the costs associated with receiving care outside their communities. Northern Ontarians will also benefit with an increase in funding of at least 2% for hospitals in every community across Northern Ontario and free access to prescription drugs for everyone 24 years old and younger.

Our balanced, progressive budget invests to support Northern Ontario, including new investments in Sault Ste. Marie. It’s no wonder Mr Brown is resorting to falsehoods rather than sharing facts.


  1. DEBBIE HAS THE nerve to attack PC Patrick Brown let us not forget what did as Mayor
    NOTHING THAT IS HOW SHE GOT THE nick name “Do Nothing Debbie ”
    Let us take a walk down memory lane from the council minutes archives …..

    LIBERAL Candidate DEBBIE Amaroso ‘s council voting Record.

    History of Raising Property Taxes,2001,2004,2005,2006.

    Every year Debbie sat on council she was voted for tax increases.

    How is that fighting For the People supported 233%increase to Councils travel budget.

    SUPPORTED hundreds of thousands of dollars for multimodal studies that have amounted to virtually nothing.

    SUPPORTED A DECADE OF WORLD TRAVEL FOR Mayor Rowswell.Did not ask for follow up reports on most trips,which resulted in no tangible economic benefit to the City.

    SUPPORTED $5.3 million cost overruns on the truck route and supported over $27 million cost overruns on the East End sewage treatment plant.

    SUPPORTED LEASING NAMING RIGHTS TO BEER SPONSOR. After Beer sponsor walked away ,did not support signed 10,000 name petition to have name “Memorial Gardens ” be retained I honour of fallen Veterans.

    Is this the person you want to represent you as your MPP at Queens Park?

  2. Good lord…who are we to believe?? It is tough to believe the Liberals as they have been lying to us since they got control of this once great province.Do we have a resident fact checker?

    • I took a quick look at the budget docs (never again, please). Assuming that Debbie is right about the $100 million one-time expenses and that is shown under Northern Development and Mines, if you normalize that out (remove one-time costs for a better comparison of “standard/normal” expenses which is standard for financial analysis), last year’s ND&M spending was $737.4 million. Their 2017-18 budget for ND&M is $767.1 million or about $30 million higher. I’m not digging through to see how much in one-time expenses are contained in either year so I can’t confirm it with 100% certainty but her numbers hold up to a quick check.

      I can also confirm her numbers about Northern Highways Program ($550 million PY vs $648 budgeted CY). However, her health numbers are way too buried in there for me to figure out.

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