Farm Boy to Change-Maker

Romano Population
Romano reflecting on the Sault population sign.

It was more than 23 years ago, as a young teen frustrated after months of looking for part time work, when Ross Romano decided he needed to be part of the solution.

Raised in a working class, farming family, by immigrant parents, Romano decided his best hope was to work hard in school so that he could achieve his goal of one day being a change maker in the city. After high school, Romano went from farm boy to law student.

“Growing up on a farm, where we all worked to make ends meet by raising chickens and rabbits and growing vegetables, taught me that if you want something, you have to do something. You have to fight for it.” Said Romano.

“For practically my entire life, I have watched our city shrink and my peers and mentors leave. I watched my friends’ families struggle. It seems that poverty and limited opportunity have become part of our culture. Frankly, people should not have to decide between living in their home town and reaching their full potential but that’s what we’ve gotten used to in the Sault after more than 30 years of representation by NDP and Liberal MPPs.”

“We need to take bold action, we need to come together behind a leader that has the skill to get real improvements for our community. The plan is simple:

  1. Fight for more front-line health care by calling out the bloated bureaucracy created by the Liberals. With the help of doctors, nurses and patients, push for significant funds to be transferred from health management jobs to healthcare jobs;
  2. Fight for more accessible and flexible long term care policies so our community has a more direct and responsive role in determining how many beds are available for the elderly who need them. Make spaces for patients with severe dementia safer for everyone, especially the patients and the workers who care for them;
  3. Reduce Hydro costs by ending the failed Green Energy Act and the high priced secret power contracts. Push for cutting the pay and perks of the hydro elite and transfer those funds to the hydro consumers;
  4. Press for a revamp of the NOHFC program to get $45 Million dollars set aside for the Sault to attract three major employers to our city. One in the steel sector, one in natural resources and one in high-tech. We need to kick start the economy and end the practice of sprinkling crumbs in the north;
  5. Fight for improved community recreation and wellness facilities where they are needed the most, to make our city modern, safe, and healthy.”

Romano believes, “We have a choice, more of the same that we had for thirty years or start on a new path, with a candidate and a party that will give the Sault what it deserves: Meaningful Change. Let’s start the journey together toward a better life for our parents, our children and grandchildren.”