Gaa-nchi-gaazjig Nishnaabekwe’og – Michipicoten First Nation Elder Walking for Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women and Girls


In the fall of 2015, John Emerson had a vision about a ‘Candle of Tears’ – a vision which led him to create a 10′ ‘Candle of Tears’ monument Staff.

Emerson said, “While walking through the bush I was thinking of how we could bring a light to the families of those who have lost a loved one to violence. The vision of a Staff that was a crying candle, which would be seen all over the world came to me. That night and the next night that followed as I laid down to sleep, the spirits of women came, one after another, each smiling and happy that this symbolic light is going to stand in the centre of this land we call Canada.”

The Candle of Tears reflects the colours of the Four Directions. “Families  have lost loved ones from all four directions, and the Candle of Tears reflects this.”

Since the Candle of Tears walk and ceremony took place in December 2015, John Emerson has been on a mission to raise awareness about violence against all persons – women and girls – boys and men.

Emerson told Superior Media that he has been asked by an elder to undertake the journey which will see him travelling east along Hwy. 11/17 through to North Bay and down to Ottawa.

Gaa-nchi-gaazjig Nishnaabekwe’og will begin at Chippewa Falls, and end in Ottawa in time for Canada 150 celebrations, Canada Day, July 1, 2017.

A  sacred fire  – ceremony and feast will be offered before the walk begins on Saturday, May 6th.

Ceremony will start around noon near the area where The Candle of Tears is permanently placed at Chippewa River Falls.

John Emerson is inviting members of the public to become engaged in the issue and come out to Chippewa Falls to help send him and supporters along – on the pathway to Ottawa.

Emerson stated, “Join us for ceremony. We will be holding pipe and water ceremony. Please bring sacred items and feast bundles. Our prayers in honour of our missing and murdered will be carried on the walk to Ottawa, as Canada celebrates its Birthday.

A support vehicle will travel with him. “Any donations for gas, food and lodgings are greatly appreciated.” he said.

The Candle of Tears has been permanently placed at the park area, Chippewa Falls, Ontario.

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All pictures are from December 20,2015 – The Candle of Tears Walk and Ceremony – Chippewa River and Falls, Ontario.