Green Party announces Kara Flannigan as Sault Ste. Marie By-election Candidate


GPO leader Mike Schreiner welcomes Kara Flannigan as the Green Party of Ontario candidate for the June 1 by-election in Sault Ste Marie.

“I am running in this by-election to offer people in Sault Ste Marie a positive choice,” says Flannigan. “Communities need a voice that represents positive change. My priorities are to push the renewable energy economy in Sault Ste. Marie, to bring sustainable jobs to the area and to encourage the transition to a low carbon economy.”

Kara has lived in Sault Ste. Marie for over 30 years, and works in the public health sector. She is an avid supporter of the local arts, and involved in various social justice activities.

“I’m excited to welcome Kara as our GPO candidate,” says Mike Schreiner, GPO leader. “Kara’s commitment to the community makes her an excellent candidate for Sault Ste Marie. Residents in Sault Ste Marie deserve better than what they are getting under the status quo parties. A vote for Kara and the Green Party is a vote for change.”

“Running for the Green Party of Ontario allows me to put my community first,” adds Flannigan. “I commit to acting with honesty and integrity, to providing solutions and not just criticism, and to only make promises I can keep.”

“My vision for Sault Ste Marie is to benefit from the clean tech economy and to build on being the alternative energy capital of North America with leadership and good local jobs.”

The Green Party is committed to honesty, integrity and making decisions that work for Ontario.


  1. I would like to see just a mention of this candidate in our local newspaper.
    Not conspiracy minded, but it does seem to stand out, that she is just ignored.
    Their call of course.

  2. At the last election where the Green Party ran, she got 983 votes or so. It would have been gratifying if a round 1000 had been recorded.
    Any representation which takes into consideration our beautiful river and indeed the Great Lakes, is very important. One day, it may be that a younger generation will realise how destructive the present generation might be toward the ecology. That is, if there is continued ignorance about what is happening.
    A younger generation will suffer if a studied and careful approach is not taken as
    to clean water. The forest lands and the very air we breath.

    • The GPO has an appeal to a wide audience that the three main parties don’t have. Since Trump’s election, no political candidate can say they “know they cannot win.”

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