Horwath, Krmpotich talk local jobs, soaring hydro bills with business owners


On Friday, Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and NDP byelection candidate Joe Krmpotich visited with local business owners and employers Lucy and Steve Fronzi to discuss their soaring hydro bills.

“Business owners like the Fronzis are job creators in this community,” said Horwath. “They need relief from their soaring hydro bills, but Wynne and her Liberals are offering the exact opposite.”

Hydro bills will get much higher after two major developments this week. First, the Wynne Liberals doubled down on their disastrous privatization, and moved to sell-off a majority stake of Hydro One. Then, on Thursday, confidential Liberal documents leaked by a whistleblower suggest the Wynne government plans to pay for its bizarre borrowing scheme by hiking hydro bills, reaching to an average of an extra $72 per household, per month.

“It’s absolutely shocking that Premier Wynne still doesn’t understand that families simply can’t take anymore,” said Horwath. “Then again, the hikes won’t come until after the election – so maybe she just doesn’t care.

“People like Lucy and Steve in the Sault shouldn’t have to pay for Premier Wynne’s political games.”

The Fronzis own five small franchises in the Sault area including a number of Country Style restaurants. Their hydro bills have been going up for years and have now reached $2,000 per month at each location. They employ over 50 people and are worried about the impact that their skyrocketing hydro bills will have on their ability to provide jobs in the Sault.

“We have done everything we can to keep costs down. We installed timers on all the lights in our businesses, we switched everything over to LED and we’ve even installed we’ve even installed a mechanism to control the energy used for the freezer doors,” said Lucy Fronzi. “We’ve done everything right, but still our hydro bills are insane. The NDP has a good solid plan to fix this mess and I liked what I heard today from Andrea and Joe, so I’m hopeful for the future.”

Horwath and Krmpotich toured the Fronzis’ Second Line Country Style location before sitting down together to take a look at the bills.

“What we saw from Lucy and Steve is genuine concern not for themsleves, but for the people they employ in our community who will be out of work if something isn’t done soon to relieve the pressure that these ludicrously high hydro bills are causing,” said Krmpotich.

New Democrats know that electricity isn’t a luxury, and it shouldn’t be priced like one. If elected in 2018, the NDP will fix the electricity system broken by private power deals signed by Liberals and Conservatives and reduce hydro bills for Ontarians by up to 30 per cent. New Democrats will put Hydro One back into public hands where it belongs, so that the benefits can help fund hospitals, schools and vital public services and so that business owners like the Fronzis will finally get some much-needed help in their mission to create decent jobs in the Sault.


  1. Back in ’08, someone said, publicly on TV, they voted for Obama and afterwards actually believed that they wouldn’t have to pay for their gas anymore. Seriously ??? I just hope that those who turn out to vote understand their party’s platform. The liberals are and continue to be experts at the “smoke & mirrors” approach to electioneering; the NDP always trend towards “spreading the wealth”, that is, the money you earn, the hard working taxpayers. The PCs should have the most convincing message, but they had better get their act in order and start stating, clearly and categorically, what they stand for and how they’re going to fix this disastrous mess we’re in. Because if they don’t, the “smoke & mirrors” politics will, most likely, end up winning, again. Seriously folks !!! Just my thoughts of course.

  2. All these political parties are really the same. They all tout bringing in new jobs…from where? What does the Soo offer that would attract a company to relocate here? It has not happened in any big way in 75 years and the economy is tanking. They all care for the poor seniors but when is the last time we saw any special benefits for seniors….like a little pension raise?
    Is it any wonder eligible voters are not rushing to the polls?

    • thats not true bri,thats the kind of thinking that the liberals love to hear because it keeps voters at home. Just look at the last federal election some 16 year old held up a sign saying stop harper and the unthinking rose and changed the government en mass despite not having a platform, no policies or promises that anybody wanted. these provincial liberals are crooks. plain and simple and they know hw to manipulate numbers and campaigns. The NDP supported them in minority government and here we are today. We shuld not forget what they did and a vote for the ndp is wasted. A vote for the liberals is more of the same.

  3. Talk is cheap and the ndp can’t very well do anything when they won’t be elected now can they.
    What a huge waste of time and money that could feed starving and homeless people instead of fighting a battle that is not possible for them to win. I guess this will never change regardless of the outcome.

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