How can parents and educators help our children understand Truth and Reconciliation?

David Bouchard presented at White Pines on Monday May 8th to parents, educators and the public. He spoke about the difficult questions and truthful answers to be shared around Truth and Reconciliation.

David Bouchard, friend of Algoma District School Board, helps to address the question:

David Bouchard is an Order of Canada Recipient, Metis author, educator and champion of reconciliation.  He has also become a good friend of the Algoma District School Board and over the years has joined us to share his thinking around literacy, indigenous learning, mental health and Truth and Reconciliation.

This week, Algoma District School Board welcomed David into a number of schools, classrooms and community venues.  On Monday David spoke to 180 Grade 7 and 8 students at White Pines.  On Monday evening he was invited by ADSB’s Parent Involvement Committee to speak at White Pines, addressing the issues of mental health and truth and reconciliation.

On Tuesday, David was the keynote speaker at Algoma University at a Truth and Reconciliation workshop hosted by ADSB.  He provided the Metis Perspective in his address to seventy-five ADSB elementary and secondary teachers, school administrators and Indigenous community partners.  On Tuesday and Wednesday David, who is an engaging and fun-loving presenter, spoke with 350 students at Rosedale and FH Clergue sharing his love of literacy and story-telling.  Fully bilingual, David presented in both English and French.

David Bouchard spoke at the Algoma District School Board Meeting on Tuesday May 9th about mental health, truth and reconciliation and the hopefulness he feels in our youth. The audience that evening included students new to Canada who attend Superior Heights.

David reminds us that as Canadians, we are at a pivotal time in our history as we move ahead on our journey of Truth and Reconciliation. Together, we share the responsibility of explaining our shared history to our youth, and schools provide an essential space to begin and continue that conversation. In his presentations to parents and educators David helped to bring forward the difficult questions that face us:

What do we share?

When is a child old enough to grasp the significance of Truth and Reconciliation?

How do we tell this story?

As an educator am I equipped to tell the story?

David is a former teacher and school principal and has written more than 50 books in English and in French. Many of them have explored topics such as the environment, history and the traditions and cultures of Canada’s Aboriginal communities.  He has traveled across the country to promote the importance and joy of reading and writing.

Since the 2015 release of the Truth & Reconciliation Report, David has shifted his focus to this important topic. David believes that by acknowledging our past, we are better equipped to positively impact our future.