Important to keep Sault Ste. Marie seat at the table: Amaroso


When Debbie Amaroso was first approached to be the Liberal candidate for the upcoming by-election in Sault Ste. Marie her answer was a flat no. So was her second answer. But after giving the idea some thought, the former Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie decided the opportunity was there for her to step out of retirement and begin a tough fight to keep the Sault Ste. Marie riding as Liberal.

Amaroso officially opened her campaign office at 109 Queen Street East Saturday but sat down with to discuss why she thinks it’s in the best interest of Sault Ste. Marie to have a member of parliament that is part of the sitting government. Amaroso also talks about the hydro rate problem, is she getting an earful at the door?, and the serious financial hardship the city is under from Essar Steel Algoma owing over $26 million in taxes. The By=election was called for June 1st, 2017 to replace the vacant seat of David Orazietti who stepped down and retired from politics in December 2016.    Watch the video interview below.


  1. So we vote liberal, liberal candidate quits, now we’re supposed to do it again and then what? She quits too? I am the furthest thing from Conservative, but all the other parties seem to want to do is raise taxes, add taxes and bleed us dry. You think Liberals are bad, NDP is worse for where they want tax rates, so what’s that leave? Green party, not that they really count, but they’re even worse than NDP. So it’s a race between Liberal and Conservative if you ask me…Liberals to raise taxes (less than other parties, but still raise taxes). Or conservative to lower taxes…That simple.

  2. If she is interested in winning…she should distance herself NOW from that clown THIBEAULT from Sudbury. He has to be the most hated Liberal besides Wynne. He needs to stop talking.

  3. Take notice how the Liberals nominate “Do Nothing ” then the next day the call a by election.

    LIBERAL CANDIDATE Debbie Amaroso’s issues concerning Seniors
    As City Councillor:

    Voted against Seniors Health Advisory Committee representing 19,000 seniors seeking relief from snow and ice in their driveways.

    At 2005 Budget ,voted to reduce increased snow removal from $500,000 to $142,650 a cut of 75%.

    In2005 budget voted to take $1.24 million from the sale of the FJ DAVY HOME TO A SPECIAL FUND
    How has it benefited seniors it did not.

    Supported taking $6.5 million from capital works project (road repair) in2005cand using that to pay for Second Line truck route ,to frantically help cover over $5 million in cost overruns.Monry that should have been used for road repair was not used for road repair in 2005.

    Pledge to give free bus rides to seniors after increasing their taxes 23.61%.

    VOTED for the Budget that gave $276,000 of taxpayers money to the Innovation Centre which didn’t present a business plan before getting it’s funding in 2005.

    IS THIS the Candidate you want to represent you at Queens Park who votes for Tax Increases?

    • Did you really expect them to call the election before they had a candidate? I see nothing wrong in the order presented.

  4. LIBERAL Candidate DEBBIE Amaroso ‘s council voting Record.

    History of Raising Property Taxes,2001,2004,2005,2006.

    Every year Debbie sat on council she was voted for tax increases.

    How is that fighting For the People supported 233%increase to Councils travel budget.

    SUPPORTED hundreds of thousands of dollars for multimodal studies that have amounted to virtually nothing.

    SUPPORTED A DECADE OF WORLD TRAVEL FOR Mayor Rowswell.Did not ask for follow up reports on most trips,which resulted in no tangible economic benefit to the City.

    SUPPORTED $5.3 million cost overruns on the truck route and supported over $27 million cost overruns on the East End sewage treatment plant.

    SUPPORTED LEASING NAMING RIGHTS TO BEER SPONSOR. After Beer sponsor walked away ,did not support signed 10,000 name petition to have name “Memorial Gardens ” be retained I honour of fallen Veterans.

    Is this the person you want to represent you as your MPP at Queens Park?

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