Internal Liberal Cabinet document shows hydro rates to skyrocket to highest level ever after the election


Leaked document also reveals Liberals hid the comeback of the debt retirement charge

“It turns out Kathleen Wynne’s so-called ‘Fair Hydro Plan’ isn’t fair after all. Starting next year, hydro rates will rise again, and by 2024 Ontarians will be paying a record high,” said Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown. “The Liberal scheme isn’t about making life affordable for Ontario. It’s about Kathleen Wynne’s short-term goal of re-election in 2018.”

“Debbie Amaroso, Wynne’s local spokesperson in Sault Ste. Marie is being extremely disingenuous by describing the Liberals desperate short-term relief scheme as a plan. It is clear that the Liberals are continuing to try to deceive the people of Sault Ste. Marie for their own partisan gain. Sault Ste. Marie residents will see through this charade” stated Ross Romano the PC Candidate in the Sault Ste. Marie by-election.

The details are explained in black and white in a leaked document marked ‘confidential’ presented to the Liberal cabinet in early March 2017. It shows that rates decline in 2017 only to rise the following year. However in 2022, the Liberals’ plan completely falls apart and rates immediately spike. By 2024, they are the highest rates Ontario has ever seen.

The document also reveals that the controversial debt retirement charge will come back, a stunning development that will raise people’s hydro bills further.

“Ontario still has the fastest rising rates in North America, and Wynne’s four-year plan does nothing to change that,” said Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith. “This raises two important questions: why did Kathleen Wynne try to conceal the return of the debt retirement charge and what other secret plans does she have to raise bills further right after the next election?”

The average monthly residential bills will jump to an average of $151/month in 2023. By 2024, Ontarians will see rates jump to the highest ever at $161/month. Ontarians’ rates will jump again in 2026 to an average of $183/month. And by 2030, the rates will jump to $216/month.

Year Average Monthly Residential Bill
2010 $104
2015 $136
2016 $158
2017 $123
2018 $126
2019 $128
2020 $131
2021 $133
2022 $142
2023 $151
2024 $161
2026 $183
2030 $216
2040 $225

View the leaked document HERE


  1. Where in the world did they come up with these average monthly bills???? You honestly think an average monthly bill is 123 dollars right now????? Try again. In the summer when everything is off and I go camping for 20 out of 30 days I still get a bill for 175 dollars. No more liberals. #nomoreliberals

  2. Wynne’s battle cry- “Onward and upward, ever upward”! As to the honesty of those seeking to unseat her, the search continues. Ah, but to dream of the lonely state of any politician branded ‘honest’.

  3. Well well well, folks, the smoke & mirrors campaign for the wynne liberals is reaching a melting point. The winds of change are upon us. The solar heat is beginning to rear it’s ugly head, squarely on the backs of you and me, the taxpayers who have absolutely no choice but to keep on giving and giving, for years and years. And folks, we most assuredly will if this government does, some how, some way, get back in.
    Good luck to all of you who have no problem donating to wynne & the liberal cause. But, more importantly, good luck to all of you who are sick and tired of giving and want this nightmare to end. Seriously folks !!!!!!!

    • Let’s play the “Is Frank talking about City Council or Ontario Government game!”
      “The taxpayers who have absolutely no choice but to keep on giving and giving, for years and years.”
      “But, more importantly, good luck to all of you who are sick and tired of giving and want this nightmare to end. Seriously folks !!!!!!!”

  4. Everyone still going to vote for “Essar Debbie”??
    Why these crooks aren’t demanded to step down is beyond me.
    Wynne has totally lost voter confidence on everything now, she has done so much damage it’s close to the point of irreparable now.
    Looks like it’s going to be PC, but can they fix what she has broken so badly?

  5. Who are we to believe? Wynne who will do anything to get re-elected…Brown who has yet to announce how he will get the rates down? Horvath…well…lets not go there.
    If the other major parties are even a little bit concerned about the Liberal shenanigans…why don’t they stand up in the house and tell her she has lost the voter support in this province….resign and call an election???

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