Interviews with Candidates: NDP Joe Krmpotich

5’s Lynne Brown sits down for a  special series of interviews with the candidates for the up coming Sault Ste. Marie By-election June 1st. will feature the candidates all week, today we start with Joe Krmpotich, running for the NDP.


  1. Mr. Fata…you are certainly entitled to your opinion…but..we have some worthy candidates to consider here. I think we should listen to what they say and then cast a ballot.Your fear mongering may very well be unfounded and I would be interested in why you think so highly of the Conservatives. I for one am still waiting for them to roll out their platform which so far continually reminds sus of the Liberal negatives only….and we all know what they are.

    • Bri, you’re right, we are all entitled to an opinion. I’m sure you and I want what’s best for SSM. But, let me put it another way, I think the least worst candidate to vote for is the PC candidate. This City had 20 years of ndp and if you think that worked for SSM, then I would say, fine, then vote ndp. I voted for Orazietti and was fine with that. But, seriously, the liberals have devastated this Province and I will not support wynne’s liberals, under any conditions. Just my thoughts. Good luck to all of us.

      • Mr Fata…you said…”I think the least worst candidate to vote for is the PC candidate. ” It is pretty sad when we have to refer to ANY candidate as the best of the worst. I fear many will not even bother to vote.

  2. With all due respect to Joe, we, as a City, would be taking a big step “BACKWARDS” if we vote for the ndp candidate in this by-election. The ndp can spew all they want about the issues, and there are many with this liberal government, but when it comes to concrete action, the ndp can do nothing about it. They can talk about jobs,jobs,jobs and buying back Hydro One and pharmacare but, folks, the ndp can do NOTHING about it. Seriously, if we don’t vote Conservative, then we’re better off, at least FOR now, with the liberals. A member of the 3rd party will be a step in the “WRONG” direction. The ndp will not be at the table. And a novice ndp as mpp is a huge mistake. Just my thoughts. I, like you, only have 1 vote. But, 1 thing is clear, folks, I do know who I am most definitely NOT VOTING FOR. Like you, I care immensely for this City and that’s why I have no choice but to vote Conservative. Thanks and take care. Good luck to all of us who show up at the polls…………… seriously folks, we’ll need all the help we can get, going forward.

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