It’s a long weekend so gas prices nudge up


If you haven’t filled your tank before today, you’re out of luck. It’s going to cost you a full 10 cents more a litre today than yesterday.

Gas prices at most Sault Ste. Marie gas stations shot up late Tuesday from $106.9 to $116.9   As of 10:25am May 17th, three stations have kept prices low. Those include the Esso station in Rankin, the Mac’s store on Second Line and Goulais and the Husky station on Trunk Road continue to post regular prices at $1.06 a litre.

Blame it on the long weekend holiday. The old , supply and demand excuse is often used for holiday weekends.



  1. You can bet McGouger fuels was the first to hoist the prices at the crack of dawn.
    Isn’t it great to have a gouging monopoly that steamrolled all of the small Mom and Pop businesses fleecing you every day?
    Just remember Soo Mich is only a couple of minutes away and gas is only $3.64 Cdn. per Cdn. imperial gallon. That sure beats $5.32 per gallon here.

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