Krmpotich calls on Minister of Labour to investigate OLG, Ministry of Finance


Today, NDP byelection candidate Joe Krmpotich called on the Minister of Labour to investigate the conduct of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the Ministry of Finance in bargaining with OLG employees in Sault Ste. Marie.

“For two years, the OLG dragged it’s heals during negotiations, “said Krmpotich. “Employees fighting for job security deserve to be treated with respect, especially from a Crown corporation. We need more good jobs and more job security here in the Sault — and the Liberal government is taking us in the wrong direction.”

In 2015, OLG workers at the head office in Sault Ste. Marie joined the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) local 946. Since then, the 347 OLG workers have been fighting for their first contract. Major issues include their first wage increase in eight years and the security of OLG jobs in Sault Ste. Marie.
“Workers fighting for their first contract are particularly vulnerable,” said Krmpotich. “We need protections in place to ensure a first contract is established in a fair and timely manner. New Democrats have called for first contract arbitration to make it easier for employees to establish that vital first contract.”

This week, OLG workers organized under the Public Service Alliance of Canada 946 voted to decertify from their union after joining it two years ago.

“If there is any indication that the OLG or Ministry of Finance withheld from bargaining to force the decertification of a union, Ontarians need to know,” said Krmpotich. “I want the Minister of Labour to immediately direct his department to investigate whether the OLG and Ministry of Finance bargained in good faith.”


  1. OLG has touted “honesty, accountability and respect” within their organization.

    I doubt that they negotiated in honesty and in good faith.
    Certainly there was no respect for the employees as their “most valued asset” in negotiating a fair and honest wage.

    I doubt the government of Ontario had anything to do with this.
    Too busy dealing with much more visible issues

    “Honesty, accountability and respect.”

    Just words.

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