Krmpotich pledges to make camp life more affordable: NDP


NDP by-election Candidate Joe Krmpotich vowed to lower transmission and delivery costs for electricity consumers in rural areas, including camp owners.

“People are paying exorbitant costs for electricity they’re not even using,” said Krmpotich. “Families looking to spend time together will have their weekend spoiled if they’ve got a hydro bill waiting for them. It’s heartbreaking to think that families that have owned camps for generations may be forced to consider selling.”

Krmpotich said his office has been flooded with calls from camp owners outraged at their bills.

“Just the other day I got a call from Steve, a Sault resident who owns a camp near Thessalon, east of Highway 129″ said Krmpotich. His power was essentially off since February – he used just 20-cents worth of electricity, but his bill was close to $115. That simply shouldn’t be.”

According to data from the Ontario Energy Board, rural Hydro One customers pay delivery costs that are significantly higher than urban customers.

“New Democrats have a plan that would fix unfair delivery charges,” said Krmpotich. “Rural and seasonal residents should pay the same delivery costs as urban residents. I’m going to fight to make sure you can still afford to keep the camp in the family and lower hydro bills for all residents and businesses in Sault Ste.Marie”


  1. If you vote ndp you are wasting your vote as we know that they simply will not win in these parts.
    All the talk in the world will not get Joe elected.
    It all boils down to, do you want the liberals to stay in charge and squander our hard earned money, continue to make more horrible decisions every day?
    The more liberals that are gone the better, more of them will be jumping ship in the coming months like Flashbulb Dave who saw the writing on the wall.

  2. As a PC supporter, you obviously understand cheap talk. Heaven help us if the PCs win in the Sault. Unless of course you don’t care if you lose jobs.

  3. what is ross and browns plan for hydro? plan for health care? plan for economy? plan for ring of fire?
    do you know Ontario debt is? do you know debt even with balanced budget? do you know rank of Ontario in debt in Canada? do you Canada debt? do you know number of hours patient gets in privatized long term home? do you know difference between public owned and privatization?

    do you know how started it and kept it going and what effect it has on public.

    look up privatization and understand it well – easy for talk I agree – not easy to fix 300 plus billion in debt and that hydro is almost all owned private not public started by pc mike Harris and then liberals 12 years of power after. more public services getting sold..

    we have right in our country to say what we want – our brave men and woman in the past and present and later in the future – gave us that right and some died and were injured for us to speak free

    you do deserve that right and can do any time- however we including myself get more informed before we vote and yes- the man running as the none of the above party has that right as well


  4. Talk is cheap, and you will not be elected, so, where does that leave the camp owner?
    We sure will be glad when June 2nd rolls around, Ross is our new PC rep and we won’t have to see any more of this cheap talk.

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