Krmpotich proves he’ll fight for small business; touts NDP plans on hydro and healthcare


This morning, NDP Sault Ste. Marie byelection candidate Joe Krmpotich was the standout winner at an all-candidates debate hosted by Chamber of Commerce. During the event, Krmpotich offered clear, achievable plans to create more good jobs in the Sault, as well as to give more affordability to residents with the NDP plan to cut hydro bills by a third and create a universal Pharmacare plan that gives drug coverage to everyone.

Krmpotich, who has owned a small business, spoke about the pressure facing business owners in northern Ontario.

“I know what it’s like to have employees counting on you for their livelihoods,” said Krmpotich. “New Democrats have a plan to make it easier for businesses to hire young people and drive investment. We’re going to bring Hydro One back into public hands and lower bills by up to 30 per cent for businesses, and we won’t stop there. Our universal pharmacare plan will save employers throughout Ontario hundreds of millions of dollars while providing employees with the care they need.”

Krmpotich said the Sault needs more jobs and investment – and that the cuts and privatization of the other parties have been moving it in the wrong direction.

“We need to maintain the jobs we have in this city that drive our economy, and we need to capitalize on new opportunities to bring jobs here and allow our young people to stay,” said Krmpotich. “The Ring of Fire – developed in partnership with First Nations – is critical for jobs. So are programs for entrepreneurs, building more work-integrated learning opportunities and demanding that Sault. Ste. Marie get its fair share of economic development investment. It’s time we had someone fighting for the Sault.”


  1. This is ridiculous.
    Or as Donald Trump would say- Fake News!
    Right at the top of the page it say’s Media Release.
    In other words, it was from the NDP!
    No wonder they said that Joe Krmpotich was the clear winner.

  2. “Joe Krmpotich was the standout winner at an all-candidates debate hosted by Chamber of Commerce”.This may very well be…I was not there…but…I am interested in how the determination of him being the winner was arrived at.

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