Krmpotich says Romano’s silence on Conservative hydro plan troubling


Today, Sault Ste. Marie NDP byelection candidate Joe Krmpotich called on Conservative candidate Ross Romano to stop hiding the Conservative’s plans for Hydro One and unveil his true intentions before Tuesday’s debate.

“Sault residents need to know where Romano stands on the things that matter, like hydro,” said Krmpotich.

“The Conservatives are hiding their plans for Hydro One. In the last provincial election, they campaigned on privatization — selling off more of Hydro One — and if we give them a chance, that’s what they’ll do.”

Months ago, the NDP released a comprehensive plan to lower electricity bills by up to 30 per cent for residents and businesses. It includes bringing Hydro One back into public hands, ending unfair higher rural and northern delivery charges and ending time-of-use premiums that punish families for cooking at meal times. That plan is available online at

“Last week, Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals sold off even more of Hydro One and it’s clear now that their latest hydro borrowing scheme will cause bills to soar even further. The NDP has a plan to undo that privatization scheme, get hydro bills down and keep them down,” said Krmpotich. “Romano and the Conservatives won’t tell us their plan because people in the Sault know that more privatization and higher bills aren’t what families need.”