Letter: Waste of Money

letter to the editor

If you don’t want your jaw to drop, don’t travel on Wallace Terrace until after the election.  Saturday morning I had the opportunity to travel that road and almost lost my jaw from it dropping through the floor of the car from shock.

As you could see from the photos, there are signs from 10′ to 20′ apart from each candidate that is running in the upcoming provincial bi-election.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind?  To me, I thought, “What a waste of money.”  They could have donated that money to an organization like the Soup Kitchen to really help people.  I think that that would have guaranteed them a vote.


  • Mike Caruso


  1. Perhaps I missed it and if I did I am sure Mr. Fata will enlighten me…but….has Mr Brown or Mr. Romano indicted yet…how they intend to get hydro costs under control???

  2. This whole election is a waste of time…We have to choose the one we dislike the least, and we will be doing it again in a year or so… What in hell is the point???

    • It has to be done because that is the way the system is set up. I would have been just as happy had they been able to appoint a local Liberal for the remainder of the term and saved us not only money but all this political nonsense and promises that will never be kept.

  3. Election as wasteful. Green Party of Ontario want so get big money our of politics, and make deyfor the people based on what works for people based on the evidence and research. Let’s work to making sure people are healthy,happy and productive their whole lives.

    Full disclosure, I am the Green Party candidate in this byelection. If you don’t like me, you can vot me out in a year.

  4. Yes Mike, you’re so right. A whole mess of signs along Wallace Terr. And who’s sighs make up the bulk of these signs ? Well, it’s the party that’s going to save SSM. Save every job at Algoma. Create jobs for every youth who wants to stay in SSM. Who’s that you may ask ? Why, it’s andrea’s ndp of course. I just don’t understand why andrea doesn’t spend more time in her own riding. She has a mess in Hamilton with what’s happening with the Stelco workers. Or, I should say, what’s not happening. Seriously folks…………….

  5. I and I am sure many others have never voted for a candidate based on signs.I would also never vote for a candidate who claims he knocked on every door in town…some more than once.Expect a very low voter turn out due to apathy on the part of voters.

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