Letter: What is up with the PC Party?


As an active participant and observer of the current local by-election in Sault Ste. Marie I have one question. What is up with Ross Romano and the PC party?

It appears that the PC strategy is to fight for and against the same things that our NDP candidate, Joe Krmpotich is and has for the past 30 years in his role as a union activist.

Please do not forget the history of the PC party in Ontario. They have never fought for front line workers or public services. In fact, although it is Wynne’s Liberals who have sold a majority share of our once publicly owned Hydro One, it was, in fact the PC party’s idea to do so in the first place!

Don’t forget Tim Hudak’s promise to eliminate thousands of public sector jobs during the last Provincial election. Don’t forget his promise to introduce ‘Right to Work’ legislation in an effort to destroy and eliminate unions in Ontario!

It is Joe Krmpotich and the NDP party who have always fought for workers’ rights, good jobs and quality public services! Always have and always will. How can any of us put our trust in a political party who appear to be telling us what they think we want to hear – especially when it is the opposite of what they have always believed and supported.

Vicky Evans
672 Korah Rd.


  1. Also lets not forget that Patrick Brown while in Ottawa as an MP voted for bill 377 and bill 525 both bill attack on union Don’t let them fool you. Once a Con always an Con

  2. I find it sad that people are buying into the same old same old. If you’re a parent or grandparent of a young voter, have a conversation with them about what they want and not what you think, and I don’t mean Party partisanship. I mean what do they want the world to be like for them. It is, of course, their future to live and not yours. Support your young people in what they want going for.

  3. They have knocked on every door and left signs where they are not wanted. It should be a crime for putting an election sign on private property

  4. The Cons are just Liberals in blue attire. I read where the party leader is having squabbles within the ranks…that they are deeply involved in selecting candidates and pulling out candidates. Mr. Romano claims he has knocked on every door in this city,,,some more than once. A quick check with my neighbours says he missed our street.A vote for the Cons will mean more of the same…just dressed in a different package.

    • Bri, do you hear yourself and your talking points. How does anyone compete, with any sanity, with these libs, who will sell the family farm to get their votes from all these special interest groups who many, most likely, don’t have clue what a balance sheet is and don’t really care. These libs have taken this Province to depths of oblivion and you say they’re no different than the PC. Seriously ??? The PCs are forced to walk a fine line with the voters because, quite frankly, there’s many voters out there who only care about one thing,” show me the money” and they don’t care where it comes from. Well, guess what, it’s us, the taxpayers, who have to pay the tab. And who else has this same mindset, well, let’s see, maybe it’s the ndp and the majority of its followers.
      Folks, if you’re accountable to your family and act responsibly for their welfare and finances, without looking for a hand-out from your government, then the libs and ndp are most likely, not for you. Seriously !!! Just my thoughts.

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