Letter: Why I’m voting for Joe Krmpotich

letter to the editor

By Peter Vaudry

I have come to know “Joey” much better in the last year through my volunteer activities, and I’ve found him to be an empathetic and very helpful man. He took the time to sit in my kitchen to get a better understanding of the goals of activities and then was actively supportive. A good man to my way of thinking. I may not have voted NDP in the past, but Joe is the best candidate for the job and I’m convinced he will work hard for the Soo.

We need someone who understands and believes in the future of Sault Ste. Marie. Joe is a straight shooter and a fighter, and has been all his life. Most importantly, he knows what he’s fighting for, where he stands on the things that matter most to this community like good jobs that pay a decent wage, and a more affordable life for all of us. It’s not enough to just talk about change — Joe talks about real solutions, and I know he’s a guy who will fight for us until he gets the job done. He’s the guy that will start to turn things around for the Soo.

Joe has lived here is whole life, and he’s a part of our resilient, hardworking and proud community – he has the best intentions for our city, for our families and for our futures.

Honesty is what Joe is all about. He is committed to restoring this wonderful city, because he believes in us and in the Soo.

I am voting for Joe Krmpotich on June 1.


  1. Having watched the council meetings on TV for years, there is no one on council that I would ever want in a higher political office… None of them can make a decision at the municipal level without an outside opinion and that will hold true wherever they are.. This election is all about voting for the one you dislike the least… Total waste of time, should have just waited for the next general election

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