Liberal hydro crisis is costing the Sault Area Hospital : Romano


Wynne Liberal incompetence means the Sault Area Hospital’s hydro bills are skyrocketing, which could be funding frontline care, says Ontario PC candidate Ross Romano.

Documents revealed by the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation show a 20 per cent increase in the cost of electricity to the Sault Area Hospital since 2013. Hydro bills shot up from $2.2 million in 2013 to $2.6 million in 2016, which is a rise of $400,000. “Our hospitals continue to be forced to do more with less,” said Romano. “Between frozen hospital budgets and skyrocketing hydro bills we’ve already seen nurses and longer wait times in our hospitals. Will we see even more cuts because of Kathleen Wynne’s soaring hydro rates?”

“All this is doing is taking away money from patient care,” Romano added. “This is money that could go towards hiring more nurses, providing more hospital beds, or to reduce wait times for MRI and CT scans. Families, seniors and or frontline health care workers in Sault Ste. Marie deserve better.

The $400,000 more spent on hydro could have been spent on: At least 6 more nurses · More than 3,600 CT scans · At least one more emergency room doctor · 1.3 more hospital beds per year · 6 organ transplants The news comes on the heels of a cabinet document leaked by the Ontario PCs revealing that Kathleen Wynne’s unfair hydro scheme will cause rates to skyrocket to the highest they’ve ever been just after the election. “Already unaffordable hydro rates will keep rising because of the Liberal’s and NDP’s support of the failed Green Energy Act,” Romano concluded. “It means this government continue to sign more expensive wind and solar power contracts for energy we don’t need, and our hydro bills will continue to get more unaffordable.”