Liberals asleep at the switch allowing violent offenders to roam our streets unsupervised: Brown

Patrick Brown

Today Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown demanded action after it was revealed that the Liberal government is failing to monitor violent criminals, including sex offenders, who are out on probation.

“By allowing violent sex offenders to roam our streets with no supervision, Kathleen Wynne has failed the most important test of leadership – keeping our streets safe,” stated Brown. “This inaction is inexcusable.”

Violent offenders confirmed in a Global News report that there is limited supervision while on probation, and admitted they could easily re-offend. Brown targeted the failings of Attorney General and former Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Yasir Naqvi.

“The government has completely failed to protect young families from dangerous offenders who are freely roaming our streets,” said Brown. “Kathleen Wynne should remove Minister Naqvi from cabinet immediately should he fail to do the right thing and resign today.”

“The Ontario public deserves better, they deserve to have faith in our justice system, and they deserve immediate action to make our streets safe,” Brown concluded.