Look what these students found at Hiawatha Highlands

Mr. Magill's Grade 9 Geography class - May 30,2017

White Pines Grade 9 Geography students take to the Hiawatha Highlands area for major Spring Clean-Up.

With Clean North’s Don McGorman and Jeff Hill facilitating, a major cleanup effort was undertaken with Mr. Magill’s (White Pines Highschool) Grade 9 geography students on Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 at the Hiawatha Highlands area, Sault Conservation Authority.

The black flies and mosquitoes were – frankly – horrendous, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the students who took to the woods and perimeter of the parking lot at the end of Connor Rd.

Even when a ‘sprinkling from the May Queen’ began– the students kept going until the school bus arrived to take them back to White Pines Highschool mid-afternoon.

Well done young people – and White Pines teacher Kevin Magill, co-op student Philicia O’Rourke, Jeff Hill and Don McGorman (Clean North).

Presenting – The Grade 9 Geography Class Hiawatha Clean-Up student roster –

·       Haley Schell

·       Alexandra Dewar

·       Isabella Bos

·       Kenisha Flamand

·       Madison Jackson

·       William Mason

·       Alex Silvari

·       Autumn Adams

·       Alex Hault

·       Jason McCormick

·       Shawn Harten

·       Jack Taylor

·       John Trudeau

·       Sebastian Jackson

·       Caleb Dearing

·       Kaleb Lasante

·       Deacon McBain